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Cherie’s Fanfiction Masterlist of Doom

Stories are listed chronologically by when I wrote them. In other words, the lower a story is in its section, the better the chance is it will be very, very bad. Just in the interest of full disclosure.




Title: Walk in Shadow, Move in Silence
Fandoms: Supernatural, Men in Black
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Summary: Agent J finds Dean Winchester drunk and miserable in a dive bar just outside Palo Alto and initiates him into the Men in Black, luring him with the promise that he can learn how to hunt the alien scum that killed his parents and protect other families from having to suffer the same. All he has to do is become Agent D, a man with no identity, no family, and no little brother to leave him behind for better things. Dean doesn't even hesitate.

He's been an agent for almost three years when J tells him his retired partner K wants back in. Now it's up to Dean to find his next partner, but the only other person he's ever worked well with or wanted to be around is the brother who no longer remembers him.

[Words: 24,288; Rating: NC-17]

Title: Living on Wildfires
Fandoms: Supernatural, Real Person Fic - CW
Pairing: Jared/Jensen/Jessica Moore
Summary: Jess escapes the fire and is too rattled to go back to school. She stays in California, working odd jobs until she's hired as a dogsitter by an actor named Jared Padalecki.
[Words: 11,174; Rating: NC-17]

Title: Sam Winchester and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Fandoms: Supernatural, Harry Potter
Pairing: Remus/Sirius
Summary: Sam and Dean are hunting a werewolf, but it definitely wasn’t supposed to be this werewolf.
[Words: 2,257; Rating: PG-13]

Title: Where No Man Has Gone Before
Fandoms: Supernatural, Star Trek (The Original Series)
Pairing: Dean/Kirk
Summary: After hearing of Mr. Spock’s adventure in the past on his home planet, Captain Kirk just can’t pass up an opportunity to see a world with ghosts and meet Dean Winchester.
[Words: 1,735; Rating: PG-13]

Title: A Fresh Start
Fandoms: Supernatural, Phantom of the Opera
Pairing: Sam/Christine, Dean/Meg Giry
Summary: Samuel and Deane Winchester are brothers and demon hunters in Victorian England. When they hear that the Paris Opera House may have a haunting, they decide to take a vacation. That’s when things get weird.
[Words: 1,937; Rating: PG]


The Adventure Zone
The Bible
Harry Potter
Kiss of the Spider Woman
Les Miserables
The Lord of the Rings
One Direction
Original Fiction
The Painted Veil
The Phantom of the Opera
The Picture of Dorian Gray
Queer as Folk
Real Person Fic: Livejournal
Real Person Fic: Football
Star Trek
Star Wars
Tags: crossovers, eyewitness, harry potter, housekeeping posts, kiss of the spider woman, les miserables, leverage, lord of the rings, men in black, one direction, original fiction, painted veil, phantom of the opera, picture of dorian gray, queer as folk, real person fic: cw, real person fic: football, real person fic: livejournal, rent, star trek, star wars, supernatural, the adventure zone, the bible, watchmen

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