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Real Person Fic - CW: Ready for My Close-Up

Title: Ready for My Close-Up
Fandom: Real Person Fic: CW
Characters/Pairings: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17 for Explicit Sexual Content and Language
Word Count: 2,353
Author’s Note: This was a tragic mistake. I am supposed to be working on my samdean_otp mini-bang. And then rhythmsextion had to go and advertise for The Bottom!Jared Fanworks Fest and it was everything I ever wanted from the world and I am only human, I could not resist. ;____; This was written for enablelove's prompt: "Non-AU, established relationship. Jensen directs Jared on set and off. As porny or schmoopy as you want. I JUST WANT DIRECTOR!JENSEN + BOTTOM!JARED ahahah ;)" It can no longer even pretend to call itself commentfic, so I am posting here. Unbeta'd! ETA 5/7/2013: Thanks to eosrose, you can now read this in epub format here.
Summary: Non-AU: Jensen gets a little bossy when he directs. Jared likes it just fine.

"Cut," Jensen says. They're not even three words into the sixth take of this scene, and already Jensen is yelling cut. Jared just may end up cutting Jensen before this day is over.

Everyone on set groans, turning to glare in Jensen's direction. Jensen smiles his asshole best and shrugs.

"What this time?" one of the camera guys asks.

Jensen points directly at Jared. "If you're looking for someone to blame, talk to this guy," he says cheerfully. He gestures with his head, and Jared knows to follow. They walk just enough out of the way that no one can hear or see them, and then Jensen stops.

"Okay, what? What now? What could I possibly be doing wrong?"

Jensen puts a hand on Jared's forearm, and Jared really wishes it didn't calm him quite so effectively. "Jay, calm down. You're doing fine."

"That cannot possibly be true since we've been filming for four hours and hardly gotten four minutes you're happy with."

Jensen shakes his head, amused smile curving his lips. He looks unabashed and comfortable, a confidence in everything down to his body language that had been completely lacking the first time he'd directed. He's ready to deal with Jared's hissy fit and the mishaps on set and the bad weather this time without freaking out—the guy's a natural.

And Jared is happy for it, really. He has an absolutely overwhelming desire to lean in and taste that smile. But another part of him just kind of wants to throttle Jensen's perfectionist ass.

"Jared, just be a little less comfortable here, okay. You're playing it fine, but you're not looking weirded out or spooked. It's a little flat."

"Oh, I'm flat now am I?" Jared mutters under his breath as he turns back to set, even though he knows it's true. A part of him kind of thought having his co-star-slash-secret-boyfriend directing was going to mean an easy day for him. He didn't prepare as much as he should have, and it's showing.

Jensen grabs his hand and tugs him back, pressing a quick kiss to his lips. "Hey, you're doing great, okay?" Jared nods grudgingly and Jensen smiles warmly. "Just tilt a little more to the left, too."

Jared sighs and does his best to stomp as he leaves.

Still, when they're watching the dailies that night, Jared's kind of astonished by how good everything looks. How good Jensen's managed to make him look. And fuck if that isn't pride spreading through him, making his chest feel warm.

Jensen's still in director mode when they get home, and, despite his earlier complaints, Jared decides Jensen should be in director mode more often.

All the time, even, if possible.

Jensen shoves Jared through the door, keeps a hand on his shoulder and steers him to the bedroom. Jared had every intention of stopping in the kitchen for water or maybe getting really crazy and making dinner, but apparently that's just not in the schedule. Jensen actually shoves him toward the bed once he's gotten the door shut, is already pulling his t shirt off over his own head when Jared turns to face him. Jared goes with it, loves when Jensen manhandles him, loves that no one ever thought to try that with him before, and he didn't even know he would like it until the first time Jensen kissed him.

"Slowly," Jensen says, barking it out like an order. Jared looks up from the buttons on his shirt and sees the look on Jensen's face and knows it's not the time to fuck around.

"Yes, Mr. Director," Jared replies, keeping his tone teasing but obediently working the buttons at a measured pace. Jensen's eyes don't leave Jared's fingers as they work their way down, and Jared is getting so flustered from it that he couldn't open the shirt quickly if he wanted to.

Jensen doesn't give Jared the same show, is already stripped down to his boxers by the time Jared has finally gotten his shirt off his back and dropped it in a heap on the floor. Jensen steps forward then, presses close enough into Jared's space for him to feel Jensen half hard against him. Jared reaches down, wraps his hand around Jensen's dick, and the hands Jensen had been snaking into Jared's hair for a kiss tug at him painfully. "Did I say you could touch?"

Jared shakes his hand, trembling a little as one of Jensen's hands lets go of his hair and begins to work over his chest. He lets go of Jensen and holds his hands up in surrender. "No."

"No, I didn't, did I?" Jensen's hand continues to move down, agonizingly slow, until finally he gets to the top of Jared's pants and begins to unbuckle Jared's belt.

"Please, Jensen," Jared murmurs as Jensen tugs his pants down to the floor. His face is right next to Jared's dick, and Jared is achingly hard by now. All he can think about is Jensen's mouth swollen around him. "Suck me."

Jensen laughs, rubs his face against Jared's shaft and then stands up. Jared's pretty sure his heart is breaking until he sees how dark Jensen's eyes have gotten. "That's not your line," Jensen whispers before placing one hand against Jared's chest and pushing hard.

Jared falls onto the mattress, landing on his back with his legs spread wide. Jensen just stands there watching for a few seconds, and Jared thinks he's going to explode. "Wh—what do I do, Jen?"

Jensen's lips curve into a slow smile. "Get ready for me," he says.

Jared's breath all leaves him then, and he crawls to the nightstand for lube so fast he nearly hurts himself. Across the room, Jensen snickers, but Jared plays it off. He squeezes some onto his hand, then tosses the bottle to the end of the bed, figuring Jensen'll need it sooner or later.

Jared bites his lip as he foregoes his cock, fists his other hand tight in the sheets to make sure he doesn't stroke himself. Jensen wouldn't like that, and unlike on set, they can't just call do-over if Jared messes up. He tries to start in the middle, because Jared knows he can take two fingers and he really, really wants to get to the part where Jensen fucks him.

"Cut," Jensen says, and Jared's head drops to the bed with a mix of a laugh and a sigh.

"What do you mean?" he gripes.

"Just one. Nice and slow. Show me how tight you are."

Jared swallows hard and circles the skin around his hole before pushing in. Jensen reaches into his boxers and starts stroking himself. "God, those fingers. Could watch them fuck you open for me all night. Maybe I will."

Jared whines but keeps going, wishing he could at least see Jensen's dick. Imagine how good it'll feel once it's replaced his finger. He crooks it, aiming for his prostate and arches up as the first real wave of pleasure rolls over him. It's not enough, though, over too soon, and Jared's fucking back for it, trying to make it last longer. God, Jensen really needs to fuck him.

Jared says as much, and Jensen just keeps working himself slowly. "All right," he says. "Because I'm feeling generous. Two fingers."

Jared happily obliges, exaggerating his moans just to make Jensen sweat. It works, Jensen pulls his boxers down so Jared can see him, huge cock red and wet at the tip. He's so beautiful, and Jared wants him so much it's starting to hurt.

"Three," Jensen says, hardly a breath as he approaches the bed and jerks himself faster.

Jared has to fight to get his voice under control and manage what he hopes is a smirk. "Should I tilt to the left, director?"

Jensen climbs onto the bed, lying so his body touches Jared everywhere. He licks Jared from the neck to the ear and then whispers, lips brushing Jared's skin, "No, baby. You're fucking perfect. Look so good. Wish I could show everyone how hot I've got you. Fuck."

Jensen's hand wraps around Jared's middle, pulling him close. He fucks into Jared's side a few times and Jared's fingers stop. "Do I—should I keep going?"

"Naw," Jensen says, placing his hand over Jared's wrist and pulling it away. "That's all mine to play with now."

Jared smiles and leans over in bed, grabbing the bottle of lube and wetting his hand again. Jensen lies back, closes his eyes and hisses as Jared slicks him up. He stops once Jensen's ready and looks down at Jensen, stroking a thumb over his cheek as he leans down for a kiss. Jensen's mouth opens easily, tongues sliding lazily for a few seconds before Jensen's eyes flicker open and Jared can tell from the force behind his kiss that Jensen's finally hit that point where he can't tease anymore.

Jensen sits up, rolling Jared onto his back again and is already between his legs when they stop moving. "Watch me, Jared. Watch me split you open. Watch how tight you are around my dick."

Jared thrusts up into nothing, and Jensen laughs, pushing his hips down into the mattress. He moves down and gives Jared a soft, reassuring kiss. "Be good for me, Jared. Stay still. Mmm, just like that. Let me get you there."

Jared nods, trying to say something but hearing an incoherent jumble of words fall out of him instead. Oh well, he thinks. He's pretty sure 'yes' and 'fuck me' and 'Jensen' were all in there, and Jensen's a smart guy, he'll use context clues.

Jensen smiles wickedly and guides the head of his cock to Jared's hole, teasing at Jared's skin for a few moments before Jared finally feels the ache of Jensen's fat dick pushing in deep, leaving Jared stuffed so full he swears his brain is getting fucked out of place.

Jensen is rough at first, hits Jared's prostate until Jared is seeing stars with every thrust. He's close, will probably shoot as soon as someone touches him, but he knows better than to try to get there without Jensen's permission.

After what feels like an eternity, Jared feels Jensen kissing at his neck tenderly and knows Jensen is trying to get his attention. Jared opens his eyes and sees Jensen's lips parched as his breath leaves in shaky, rushed puffs, and Jared can tell he's close, too.

"Jen, you wanna?" Jared asks.

Jensen nods as he rolls his hips, slower now but with more force, so he's sinking balls deep every time. "Grab that perfect cock of yours, Jared. Fuck yourself just like this."

Jared takes a few strokes to match Jensen's rhythm and then sucks his bottom lip under his teeth. "Jensen, I can’t."

"Close, Jared. Hold on."

Jared somehow finds a way to keep himself from coming until finally Jensen groans loudly and tells Jared to let him see it. His head falls so he can watch Jared jerk himself, and Jared cries out loudly, thick white string of come coating Jared's hand, getting on both their stomachs.

"Shit, Jay, so fucking gorgeous." Jensen pushes in one last time, a sharp movement, like he wasn't prepared for it. And that turns Jared on so much he moans again when he feels the hot pulsing of Jensen's dick inside him.

Jensen collapses onto Jared as he finishes, and Jared takes a few seconds to breathe in the sweaty musk of him before pushing. "Get out of me and off of me," he demands.

Jensen grins into Jared's neck and starts to dot kisses all over anything he can reach without moving too much. "Nuh uh, you don't get to tell me what to do," he says, teasing as he takes a break between planting a kiss on Jared's jaw and moving to his chin. "That's my job."

Jared tries shoving again, but Jensen locks his feet under Jared's legs and shakes his head. "I'll make a deal with you. I'll roll over and let you recover if you'll go get me a nice, wet towel."

"You're a tyrant," Jared says. "You're my personal tyrant. The cross I must bear, one could say. I like to think of you as my punishment for the sins I committed in a past life."

Jensen laughs and moves off to the side, pillowing his hands behind his head and preening at Jared as he gets out of bed. Jared walks to the bathroom, trying to pretend the come dripping out of him and the truly fucked out burning in his ass is not making every step just a little less comfortable.

"Nice," Jensen says. "Really seductive. You look like a penguin."

"Fuck off," Jared counters as he turns on the sink. He rinses off, cleaning his own mess before wetting a towel and tossing it onto Jensen's face. Jared watches Jensen reach down and wipe himself off just for the hell of it.

"Stop staring at me, pervert," Jensen says. "Go do something useful. Order me a pizza, maybe."

Jared scowls, kneeing his way back onto the bed. "You know, pretty soon this bossy director thing is not gonna be all that endearing."

"Yes, but then I'll just fuck you until you forget why again."

Jared knows that Jensen's plan will almost definitely work, but that doesn't mean he has to admit it out loud. "I guess it can stay for now," he concedes.

Jensen smiles wide, that same confidence he'd had on set taking over his features and telling Jared that the true meaning was not lost on him. He looks smug, much too cocky for his own good, and so beautiful that Jared's almost ready for round two. "My pizza?"

Jared sighs, laughing when Jensen smacks his ass as he crawls out of bed. "Yeah, okay. But there won't be a single vegetable on it, and you'll have only yourself to blame."

"I'll make you pay for it in your next life," Jensen promises. "Just make sure your ass is ready for that."

Jared's pretty sure it is.
Tags: real person fic: cw

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