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Real Person Fic – CW: Underneath the Mistletoe [Slow Show!Verse Timestamp]

Title: Underneath the Mistletoe
Fandom: Real Person Fic – CW
Characters/Pairings: Jared/Jensen
Genre: Holiday Schmoop
Rating: PG-13 for Suggested Sexuality. Also, this is kind of kidfic, so BEWARE.
Word Count: 2,510
Author’s Note: My first ever timestamp to my spn_j2_bigbang Slow Show. I think it should make sense without having read the original story, but it’ll probably mean less. This is a little holiday gift for my beloved marciaelena. The story was actually her idea—she emailed me about it while she was still working on the art for the big bang and I flailed and have been resisting writing it since then (because I am probably in the minority about wanting Christmas fic in July, am I right?). Hopefully this will do justice to what you originally thought of, Mars. I hope it cheers you up as you have done for me so many times, and that you have a wonderful holiday season and new year. I love you so, so much. *hugs* I decided to post this without a beta, so please throw any mistake related vegetables at this guy.
Summary: Non-AU Slow Show Verse: Jared and Jensen have been together for a few years. It’s Christmas and Jensen decides to dress up as Santa—but someone beats him to Santa’s cookies.

Oh, what a laugh it would have been, if Daddy had only seen Mommy kissing Santa Claus last night.Collapse )

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Tags: real person fic: cw, slow show!verse

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Recent Posts from This Community