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Real Person Fic - CW: No I in Foursome

Title: No I in Foursome
Fandom: CW RPS
Characters/Pairings: Jared/Jensen/Genevieve/Danneel
Genre: Smut but also Schmoop and Flangst?
Rating: NC-17 for Explicit Sexual Content (including F/F, M/F, M/M)
Word Count: 8,975
Author’s Note: Well, here is a big surprise from the universe. How wide did I smile when I saw the username wutendeskind as my assignment for spn_j2_xmas? Apparently we’re well-matched. I mean, I ship it, too, so. Trufax confession tiems: I hate writing for you, because I always freeze up and worry I’m not good enough to write something you’ll like and you’ll just say you like it because you’re sometimes nice to me. I pulled a dick move and didn’t really use one of your prompts…I wanted to write you the foursome because I knew you wanted the foursome, and this is the only story for them I had. I also did a lot of things in this story I thought I would never do—attempting to write femmeslash in particular. I’ve never even read girl porn, and I don’t know why the girl porn became such a huge part of this story. Is that awkward? I feel so awkward. But you wanted a foursome! Which means everyone on everyone, am I right? This shit was not easy, okay? SO MANY LIMBS, OLIVIA. I tried to use my inside knowledge of your brain to hit your kinks and write something you will really like. Was I successful? Fucked if I know, but bitch I tried. Also, I completely asked you to send me Interpol songs because I found out Genevieve is an Interpol fan and it seemed ~fated. Yeah, I’m ridiculous. I hope you love this early Christmas present, babe. You are literally the best thing in my universe, but I’m pretty sure you know that ♥. Expect another present involving more football on your birthday—I have not forgotten! <333333 Though I did shove some football in, since it was on your likes list. Don’t sue me if anything looks familiar, k? ;) And finally, thank you to lesson_in_love for the beta!
Summary: Non-AU: Maybe Genevieve didn’t know what she was getting herself into when she married Jared, and maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

Genevieve walks into the house with a bag slung over one shoulder, anticipating the overenthusiastic welcome she gets from the dogs and dodging it. The first thing she hears is the television droning on—football. The second is Jared cheering and Jensen sounding disgruntled.

“Honey, I’m home,” she calls out as she reaches the living room and pokes her head in.

Jared startles in his place on the couch, immediately standing to take her things, and smiles so wide it has to hurt. “You’re early!”

“Yup. They had some open seats on another flight, so I took one.”

“You should have called, babe. I was gonna go pick you up.”

“I know,” she says. “Wanted to surprise you.”

He wraps his free arm around her middle and kisses her for a short time before pulling away, heading for the stairs and rambling on in that overenthusiastic way he has. Genevieve catches something about putting her things away and then heading somewhere, but she loses what he’s saying as his voice fades from the hall. She takes the spot Jared vacated next to Jensen on the couch.

“Is he still torturing you about the Superbowl thing, Jensen?” she asks seriously.

Jensen makes a face like he’s trying not to smile and nods solemnly. “Every damn day.”

She laughs. “How are you?”

“Better now that we can carry on our illicit affair.” He winks at her, and Genevieve has to wonder if Jensen’s completely oblivious to the effect he has on women, because that’s just not fair.

“We’ll have to be fast if we’re not going to be caught.”

“No affairs with Jensen,” Jared says, reentering the room. “He’s a traitor. Anyone else, but not him.”

“Oh, come on, Jared.”

“No, no. I know what you’re going to say and I am not getting over it. He abandoned America’s Team. Because Danneel told him to. Whatever happened to male solidarity?”

“I did not abandon the Cowboys. I’m allowed to like two teams.”

“Sure, Judas, whatever gets you through the night.”

“You only cheer against the Saints to get on my nerves.”

Jared smiles in a way that says, ‘yes, definitely,’ but he shakes his head. “I resent the implication that I would ever be that childish.”

“I think you meant ‘resemble,’ sweetie,” Genevieve says helpfully.

“Oh, did I? Thanks for clearing that up.” He sits half on top of her and gives her a quick kiss before she begins to suffocate under the weight.

“Get off me, you ogre,” she says, pushing futilely.

Jared obeys, taking the spot between her and Jensen. “You hungry? We can go out to lunch.”

“Naw, you guys finish up the game, I know I’m interrupting. Anyway, I could use an hour or two to unwind. You know how much I hate airports.”

“You sure?”


Jared squeezes her hand as she rises and exits the room.


“Backed the wrong horse did you?” Genevieve asks when she comes back downstairs a few hours later to find Jared mid-pout.

Jensen smiles, bringing a beer bottle to his lips. “We won the game. Oh, and we won the Superbowl, too.”

“Whatever, Jensen. The Cowboys already won the Superbowl this year.”


“Yeah, we win every year, didn’t you know that? In the off-season. Just by existing.”

“Fine with me,” Jensen says. “Since I still love them.”

“How can you love without a heart?” Jared asks.

Jensen nearly snorts. “He’s all yours,” he says, toasting in Genevieve’s direction.

“I’m having second thoughts.”

“Oh, haha.” Jared reaches behind the couch to grab her closer. “I thought you were supposed to support and comfort me in my hour of need.”

“Jared, the Saints were playing the Rams. You don’t even like the Rams.”

“That’s not the point. The point is: Jensen gets to lord it over me now.”

“I would never lord it over you.” Jensen pauses for a few moments. “Hey, Genevieve, if you’d rather go to dinner with someone who isn’t a loser, I’m here for you.”

She laughs. “You coming with us?”

Jensen’s eyebrows draw together. “Uh, no, that’s fine. You two haven’t seen each other in a while, I know you want your privacy.”

“No, seriously, I insist.”

Jensen shakes his head. “Really, I’ll be fine on my own for a while. I’m not that pathetic.”

“Jen,” Jared says. “You should come. I’m sure she’s missed talking to you, too.”

Jensen shrugs. “All right, I guess, if you two’re gonna be pushy about it. I’ll just…run and get my coat?”

Jared nods and Genevieve smiles, relieved. As much as she loves Jensen, it’s always been a little uncomfortable deciding when one of them is supposed to get Jared’s attention. Genevieve always feels a little bit more confident when she gets a sign that his best friend doesn’t think she’s trying to hog him.

They eat at Morton’s, because Jared doesn’t believe in too much of a good thing, and spend the next few hours getting caught up. Jared and Jensen tell her about the show so far, all the stupidity they’ve been getting into on set, and what’s in store for them. Genevieve tells them about L.A., the roles she’s auditioning for, and how Danneel was doing the last time they saw each other. Jensen listens with a greedy ear to everything she has to offer about his wife, alternately smiling and frowning. It’s the first time Genevieve notices that, however well he may hide it, Jensen is lonely.

She watches Jared and Jensen as they eat, as impressed as ever at the way they seem to read each other’s minds. Jared takes the salt and uses it, handing it to Jensen afterwards without asking if he wants it; Jensen catches the waitress’ attention when Jared’s glass is empty; Jared splits the last bread roll into halves after Genevieve refuses it, buttering Jensen’s before handing it to his friend. It’s something she’s always noticed between them, something she’s always found a little bit beautiful.

They fill up on good food and wine, so that by the time they get home and trip over the dogs onto the couch and turn the television on, Genevieve, at least, is a little buzzed.

“I never got the thing with these housewives,” Jensen says.

Genevieve laughs. At least she knows she’s not the only one who’s had a few drinks too many.

“Change the damn channel then,” Jared says, pulling Genevieve flush against his chest. She reclines back into him, smiling absently, and decides she doesn’t actually care what they watch enough to get involved in bickering about it.

Jensen flicks through the channels and Genevieve closes her eyes, only opening them when she becomes conscious of how handsy Jared is getting. Not that she has a problem with it, but it feels pretty wrong to make Jensen sit a few feet away, so she opens her mouth, poised to apologize, and is taken a little by surprise when she realizes Jensen isn’t even pretending to watch the TV anymore. His focus is glued on them, on Jared’s touches, and rather than uncomfortable, he looks turned on. She has to wonder just how long it’s been since he last saw Danneel.

Genevieve blushes and they both turn away too quickly when their eyes meet. Jensen coughs awkwardly.

“I guess I’m gonna call it a night, guys,” he says, standing to go. “Have a good one. And, uh, welcome home, Genevieve. Or welcome to your home away from home. Or, something. You know what I mean.” Jensen waves his hand dismissively as he pads out of the room.

Jared smiles into her neck once he’s left and whispers something about taking her to bed; Genevieve follows him gladly.


She wakes up alone the next morning, which isn’t much of a surprise. Jared’s always been an early riser. She turns over a few times, grabbing at the free pillows beside her greedily, petting whichever of the dogs happens to be closest, and generally enjoying her time off. It’s not until half an hour after she wakes up that she actually heads downstairs and attempts to brave the world.

She hears hushed voices from the kitchen, can see Jensen standing by the counter through the crack in the door, and she’s about to bust in and announce herself when she realizes the conversation seems too quiet for that. Private. She’s turning for the living room to see what’s on the news, but something Jared says catches her attention and she can’t help herself from stepping closer until she sees them both facing each other and hears every word they exchange.

“You sure you’re not upset? It was pretty messed up of me. I’m sorry, Jen. I was just, you know, a little hazy.”

“It’s fine, Jare, seriously. I’m glad to see you guys so happy together.”

“Alright, yeah, but I know the touching’s gotta suck.”

“It’s not like I’m new to your public displays, Jared.” Jensen shrugs, looks down at the tiled surface next to him.

“You miss Danneel?”

Jensen laughs a little bitterly. “What kind of dumbass question is that? Of course I miss Danneel.”

Jared nods. “Yeah, me too.”

Jensen’s fingers move slowly on the counter and he keeps his eyes fixed on the patterns he’s tracing, almost like he’s shy to meet Jared’s eyes.

“Do you…do you ever miss me, Jared?” he asks.

It seems like a pretty stupid question considering Jensen’s standing right in front of him and they haven’t spent more than a few hours apart in weeks, but Jared reaches out and takes hold of Jensen’s wrist with two fingers, surprising Jensen into looking back up and meeting his gaze.


Jensen nods slowly, as if the answer hurts him, and licks his lips.

“I wish I could kiss you right now,” Jared says gently, reaching out and running a finger over Jensen’s cheek. Jensen closes his eyes and leans into it for just a few seconds before he lets out a long breath and breaks away.

“I know,” is all he says.

Genevieve manages to make it to the living room without being caught spying, but when Jensen joins her on the couch, greeting her with the same ‘good morning’ he always does, Genevieve feels sick and immediately locks herself back up in the bedroom.

“Hey, baby.”

Genevieve wakes because someone’s shaking her gently. She opens her eyes and sees Jared staring down at her, looking worried.

“You okay?”

Not really, she wants to say, but instead she puts on a cheap smile and insists she’s fine.

“Jensen said you came down for a few minutes and rushed back up here sick. Didn’t even have breakfast.” He lays a giant hand on her forehead and it blacks out her vision. “You don’t feel hot, but you look a little pale.”

She shakes her head, willing his hand away. “Just feeling a little crappy, it’ll be gone in a few hours.”

Jared frowns but doesn’t say anything else for a bit.

“Want me to bring you up something to eat?” he offers. Genevieve accepts more to get rid of him than because she actually expects to be able to stomach whatever he comes back with.

He spends the rest of the day waiting on her, even when she’s gotten out of bed and insists that she’s all better. His attention is focused on her completely, and Genevieve spends the entire day on alert, waiting for some sign that something is different than she’d thought it was for the last two years. There’s nothing. Jared is perfectly sincere in every touch, every kiss, when they make love that night, it doesn’t seem distracted or faraway or anything less than it always has.

She tries for three days to find the moment Jared is lying to her, to pin down when it becomes fake. She can’t find anything, and it throws her for a loop. She thought she knew his tells. The only thing that changes is the hot, jealous spike Genevieve feels when Jensen is around and Jared treats him the way she’d found endearing when she’d first arrived.


It’s not until the night before she’s leaving that she finally works up the nerve to say something. Genevieve loves Jared more than she’s ever loved anyone, but she’s not ready to spend the rest of her married life knowing he’s pretending. She has to figure it out, as much as it scares her to know.

They’re on the couch again, lights dim. One of Jared’s favorite movies is playing, but Genevieve’s got too much to think about to do more than give him distracted sounds in response to everything he tries to point out about it. She’s lying with her head on the opposite end of the couch and Jared’s got her feet resting in his lap. He’s playing with them absently and it makes Genevieve’s heart clench. She sits up, pulling them out of Jared’s hands. He turns to her, eyebrows drawn.

“Something wrong?”

“Yeah, something is.”

She grabs for the remote and turns the movie off, and Jared focuses his attention on her. She sits staring at him for what seems like an eternity, trying desperately to find the words she needs. In the end, she can’t think of a better way to ask the question she needs to ask.

“Are you in love with Jensen?”

Jared laughs dismissively, and, for a few moments, she thinks he’s going to deny it. She closes her eyes, hoping he’ll pull it off, that he’s a good enough actor to make her believe she imagined what she saw in the kitchen and her husband is not in love with someone else.

“Of course I’m in love with Jensen,” he says, like this is old news.

Genevieve hears the words as if through a haze, can’t connect the way Jared said them with the weight of what he said. It takes more than a minute for her to completely process that he’s really going to sit there and act perfectly okay, as if this doesn’t change everything.

“Gen, I can see you getting mad. Don’t get mad. Please?”

She shakes her head, slightly hysterical. “How am I supposed to not get mad?”

“I thought…” Jared reaches out to take her hand and she flinches away from him. “I thought you knew. I thought everyone knew.”

“How the hell was I supposed to know the man I married was already in love with someone else?”

“Ok, it sounds really awful when you put it that way. It’s not like that. It has nothing to do with you, Genevieve. It has nothing to do with us.”

“Oh, that’s fantastic. You’ve been lying to me for years, but somehow it has nothing to do with me.”

“I never lied to you. I meant everything I’ve ever said to you.”

“Right. You just left out the part where I’m the runner-up.”

“Come on, babe, this isn’t a competition. You've never been second place. You never will be.”

“I’m not first place, though, am I?”

Jared bites his bottom lip and doesn’t respond for a long time. “It’s different.”

“What does that mean for me, though?”

“That you’re my wife, and I love you. What I had with Jensen is in the past.”

“How can it be in the past if you still love him?”

“I can’t stop that, Gen. You can’t expect me to.”

“So what do you expect me to do?”

Jared looks down. “I don’t know. Whatever you think is best. Whatever will make you happy. But…I want to make you happy, and I don’t think I was doing such a crappy job of it, either.”

“You weren’t,” Genevieve replies, stressing the past tense.

They sit for a good long time at a standstill, neither meeting each other’s eyes. Finally, she can’t take it anymore and rises to leave the room. Jared’s head shoots up and he looks at her desperately. “What are you doing?”

“I don’t know, Jared. I need some time to think.”

Jared nods, looking back at the ground. “Fair enough, I guess.”

She closes the living room door behind her, realizing that she probably should have done that before she started a serious conversation about Jensen where he could easily overhear it. It’s not terribly surprising that he’s paused in the hallway, looking stricken, when she turns to head upstairs. He reaches out and grabs her wrist, not giving her the option of dodging his gaze and avoiding talking to him.

“Don’t hurt him,” he says without prologue. “I get why you’re upset, but please don’t hurt him. He’s never been unfaithful to you, I swear.”

Genevieve shrugs his hand away. “Goodnight, Jensen.”


She’s back in L.A. for a week or so before she sees Danneel. Usually they have lunch pretty regularly when they’re in the same city, catch up on life and exchange the bits of information they’ve each gotten from their respective husbands. It’s something Genevieve enjoys, but she can’t bring herself to call Danneel after her latest visit to Vancouver, and her stomach turns the day she gets home to a message from Danneel saying that she wants to hear how things went and insists on buying Genevieve lunch the following Thursday.

Danneel is suspiciously perky when they finally do meet. Not that Danneel is usually particularly sour, but she’s never been the kind to smile at everything and it makes Genevieve slightly uncomfortable. She spends most of lunch trying to dodge any and all questions about her trip to Vancouver, which isn’t exactly easy. Half of Danneel’s conversation topics have to do with Jensen, the other half are made up of Jared and, Genevieve’s personal favorite, JaredandJensen.

It makes her stomach turn, seeing Danneel loving Jensen as much as ever, completely oblivious that somewhere in Canada, he’s found someone else to care about. She can’t decide if it’s her place to say something, if she owes it to her friend to step in, or if she should take the easier route and leave Danneel in the dark.

She doesn’t crack until they’re getting ready to leave the trendy, overpriced sushi restaurant and Danneel insists on picking up the check, claims that she owes Genevieve for giving her news on Jensen.

“Look, Danny, I feel like I should tell you, Jared and I are kind of fighting right now.”

Danneel’s cheerful façade falls away in an instant, and she lets out a long, relieved breath. “Yeah, I know. I thought you were never going to bring it up.”

“They told you?”

“Yeah, Jensen did. He’s worried about Jay, and I was worried about you. Wanted to make sure you had someone to talk to if you needed someone, but I didn’t want to bring it up.”

“Oh.” She shifts uncomfortably in the misshapen plastic chair. “I’m guessing he didn’t tell you why.”

“He told me alright,” Danneel responds, almost sounding snide about it.

“What exactly did he tell you?”

“That you figured them out and got pissed about it.”

“You knew? You knew about Jared and Jensen and you didn’t think just maybe someone should fill me in?”

“Sweetheart, calm down. I was pretty sure you were sharp enough to get it yourself.”

Genevieve feels her eyes narrowing. “He’s been in love with Jensen the whole time I’ve known him, I didn’t really have anything to compare it to—wait a minute, you’re okay with this?”


Genevieve stares at Danneel in shock, just as thrown off by this response as she was by Jared’s, and has to wonder if maybe everyone in the world is going crazy except for her.

“You really don’t see the problem here?”

“Oh, I get it now. This is the part where I’m supposed to act sorry for you, right?”

“I would imagine so.”

“Right. Well, I’m not.”

“You don’t mind that Jensen’s in love with someone else?”

“Of course not. It was my idea.” Danneel looks downright smug.

Genevieve shakes her head in complete confusion and must be making one hell of a face, because Danneel throws her head back and laughs with enthusiasm. She stands, dropping some cash on the table for tip and grabs Genevieve’s arm, guiding her outside. “C’mon. This is something we should talk about in private.”


They drive to Danneel’s in opposite cars, and Genevieve sits in silence for a minute or so before Danneel taps on the window.

“I don’t have all day, let’s go.”

Genevieve shrugs and undoes her seatbelt, getting out of the car and following Danneel inside. They sit at her kitchen table, silence weighing down heavily on them, until finally Danneel speaks.

“So do you want to know or don’t you? I’m not sparing any details if you do.”

Genevieve’s stomach churns, but she nods, assuming nothing Danneel tells her can be as vivid as the images haunting her dreams for the last few nights.

“So. Jared and Jensen. That was your idea?”

Danneel nods slowly, taking a sip of the tea she’d made when they first got in. “Yeah, Genevieve, and frankly you owe me big time for it.”

“That one’s going to be fun to explain. I’m all ears.”

“He never would have been ready for a relationship when you met if it wasn’t for us.”


Danneel blushes, taking another sip. “Yeah, us. He was a mess after he broke up with Sandy. A fucking mess, Gen. And we, me and Jensen,” she smiles absently, looking a little like a proud mother. “We fixed him. That big, smiling goof you fell in love with? That was us.”

Genevieve feels her eyebrows draw. “Keep going.”

“Anyway, Jensen moved in to help take care of him, but the help he was giving wasn’t what Jared needed. Not all the way, at least. I saw that while I was visiting and I thought, he needs to be loved. So we loved him and, Gen, he loved us.”

She nods and Danneel lets a little of the defensiveness slip away when she sees that Genevieve is staying calm.

“We kept it going for months. It was the happiest I’ve ever been. It was the happiest Jensen’s ever been. And I can’t speak for Jared, but it did him a lot of good.”

“Why did you stop, then? If you were all so happy, why the hell did Jared ever drag me into it?”

Danneel frowns. “I think he always felt like it was supposed to be temporary. He didn’t want to intrude on us too much. And you know how stubborn that boy can be. It didn’t matter how many times we told him we wanted it the way it was, he never really believed us.”

“So…he just picked me because he felt guilty with you?”

“No, Genevieve, please don’t think that. He’d been insisting we should stop for months before he met you, but he could never quite make himself. He was finally able to because he liked you enough, not the other way around.”

“I can’t believe you three were…I mean, God, the things you learn about people you thought you kn—”

Danneel very suddenly gets pissed. “You’re forgetting a pretty big detail here. You stole him from us, Genevieve. I thought we were pretty gracious about the whole thing. I’m genuinely happy for you two, but you sitting here with this woe-is-me crap is just too much. Do you have any idea how much it hurt me to let him go? Christ, do you have any idea how hard it was for Jensen? Or for Jared—?”

“Poor Jared,” Genevieve says. “Having to settle for me.”

“You know I didn’t mean it like that. I just meant…he’s never cheated on you, Genevieve, not even close. Not even when you two were still only dating and it wasn’t supposed to be monogamous yet. Not even when we’re all apart for months and they’re up there in the same house together, constantly in each other’s company. Not a single kiss from any of us. Trust me, it’s taken self-control, okay?”

“Is this supposed to be making me feel better?”

“I told you I was giving you the truth.” Danneel shrugs and sits back. “All of it.”

“The truth sounds an awful lot like I came along and…ruined everything.”

Genevieve frowns and Danneel reaches out, places a hand on top of hers and squeezes.

“You really have no idea how much he loves you, do you?”

Genevieve bites her bottom lip. “It’s kind of in debate right now.”

Danneel shakes her head. “It shouldn’t be. Not ever. God, I knew we lost him from the first day you guys met. He came home and talked about you and Jensen and I just looked at each other and we knew.”

“Is that true?”

Danneel nods. “You wanna know something else?”

“I guess.”

“By the time I met you, I’d heard him go on about you so much…” Genevieve’s never seen Danneel even hint that she has a shy bone in her body, so the fact that she’s blushed twice in the last five minutes makes her wonder how well she ever knew her. Not that she isn’t wondering how much she ever knew about Jared or Jensen or even herself right now. She’s almost starting to feel guilty for the way she acted, and then Danneel drops another damn piano on her head. “I think, seeing you through his eyes, I fell a little bit in love with you, too.”

Genevieve laughs awkwardly and Danneel shrugs nonchalantly.

“What? It’s true,” she says.

“I’m having the most bizarre week,” Genevieve mumbles into her mug.

Danneel smiles. “I am sorry you didn’t know, Gen. We really didn’t realize we were hiding it so well. None of us wanted to hurt you, Jared least of all.”

“Yeah.” Genevieve nods. “I get that. It’s just. Adjusting is taking some work. But I do understand.”

“Do you?”

“Maybe. Somewhat.”

“You don’t have to understand right away. I just…you’re not going to leave him, right? We can’t…I don’t think we can fix him this time. I’ll…” She shakes her head. “I don’t know what I’ll do if I have to see him lose you.”

“You really love him.”

“It’s kind of hard not to.”

Genevieve feels her lips turning up at the corners. “Impossible.”

“Does that bother you? I can stay away if you want. Jensen can’t.”

“No,” says Genevieve, pausing to wonder as the word leaves her mouth. She doesn’t realize it’s true until after she’s said it. “He deserves to be loved.”

“Yeah,” Danneel responds, distracted.

There’s still one thing bugging Genevieve, so after a brief silence, she can’t help asking, “What about when you weren’t around? Did you let them...?”

“Of course.”

“But you weren’t there. That’s different. That’s cheating.”

“No, that’s the opposite. That’s insurance.”


“Alright, you’ve got a boyfriend who looks like Jensen, and he lives most of the year apart from you, surrounded by people who would sell their souls to touch his shirt sleeve, you worry, right? I mean, everyone’s human.”


“But if he’s got someone to take care of him, someone who makes sure he gets all the love you can’t be there to give him,” she smiles, “he won’t ever stray, and you know he’s not lonely.”

“You’re…really a lot more sentimental than I ever gave you credit for.”

Danneel shrugs. “Baring my heart in the hope it’ll help.”

“It’s helped.”


Genevieve reaches the bottom of her cup and sets it down. “I think I should go. I have a lot to think about.”

“Sure, of course. Let me walk you out.”

Danneel stands and pushes her chair under the table, trailing Genevieve like a shadow. When Genevieve reaches the door she turns to say goodbye but before she can get the thought out, Danneel cups the side of her face gently and moves in, pressing a short, sweet kiss against her lips.

Genevieve blinks a few times, dazed, and doesn’t wonder if she’s being unfaithful when she responds with pressure, kissing back. Danneel pulls away, smiling somewhat sadly. “Give that to Jared for me, okay?”

Genevieve almost tells her to give it to him herself.


She calls Jared the next day, after she’s spent the longest night of her life tossing and turning, picking through everything that was fact when she woke up that morning and how quickly it all got reversed. She owes him an apology, but she’s not going to give it to him.

“Genevieve?” he says when he answers the phone. He sounds so surprised to hear from her that she nearly hangs up in shame.

“Hey, baby.”

She hears him let out a long breath on the other end. “Is that a ‘hey, baby, I’m not going to divorce you’?”

“I’m not going to divorce you, Jared. Not this time, at least.”

He laughs, slightly hysterical, and Genevieve can feel his relief after a week of being coiled up waiting on her call. “Really?”

“I have nothing to divorce you over.”

“Well, there was that thing with the…” he trails off, sounds too exhausted to be his usual, playful self. “I’m sorry. It was wrong of me to keep that from you. I really didn’t think it would matter, but I should have told you.”

“No, you were right. It happened before you even knew me. I had no right to be upset.”

Jared doesn’t say anything on the other end.

“I’m sorry I blew up. I was confused. I’m not now.”

“Did you…” Jared sounds both annoyed and amused. “Did Danneel talk to you?”

“Oh, you know. A little.”

Jared shakes his head. “She sat you down and lectured you, didn’t she?”

“You could say that.”

“She’s a little protective…of me.” Genevieve can picture Jared tightening up as he says it, anticipating some kind of jealous fit.

“It sounded to me like she has her reasons. Anyway, she got the job done.”

“You’re really okay with it?”

“Yeah, Jay. I mean…I’m not sure how happy I am about it, but…I get it. I think, maybe, I’m very lucky you chose to be with me. You had a good thing going and you gave it up, and that means a lot.”

“I love you, Gen. I won’t do anything to hurt you. Not ever.”

“I know, Jared. I love you, too.”


It’s Danneel’s fault. Danneel put all the images of too many bodies writhing together into her head; it’s Danneel who made her wonder if she’s been hurting Jared by monopolizing him; Danneel whose goddamn lips were on hers for less than a second, but whose chap stick she swears she can still taste two weeks later.

It’s Danneel’s fault she wakes up every night, hot and flustered and remembering just enough of the dream to know it wasn’t her husband who got her worked up. It’s Danneel’s fault she touches herself on nights like that, bottom lip caught between teeth, trying to swallow her moans. It’s her fault Genevieve misses Jared and misses Jensen doing things to Jared he hasn’t done since before she knew them.

It’s Danneel’s fault that every time they see each other, her fingers itch to touch and her mouth feels dry, thirsty, full-out greedy. It’s her fault if Genevieve can’t carry a conversation on without getting distracted, staring at parts of her friend she shouldn’t be staring at.

It’s all Danneel’s goddamn fault.


The next time Genevieve sees her husband, it’s been two and a half months since whatever the fuck happened in Vancouver—Genevieve doesn’t even know what to call it at this point. She doesn’t know if it was a good thing or a bad thing, if she was right or wrong to respond the way she did, she doesn’t know shit about it except that it opened up a whole can of worms that have led to the two most frustrating months she’s ever had to sit through.

It’s not just the fact that she’s sexually frustrated because she hasn’t gotten laid and because she has a constant loop of X-rated fantasies flicking through her head, alternately starring her husband, his best friend, and his wife. It’s worse than that. It goes deeper than just sex, leaves Genevieve hungry to be a part of whatever it was that she broke up when Jared fell in love with her. Genevieve wants to see Jared taken care of in the way she now knows only Jensen and Danneel can take care of him, she wants Jensen to worry when she’s upset, she wants Danneel to protect her when someone is hurting her.

But there are some things in life you just can’t ask for, and this, Genevieve decides, is one of them. Still, when she goes to greet Jared at the airport, knowing they’ll end up at Jensen’s that night to celebrate the beginning of their winter hiatus, a part of her kind of hopes it’ll just happen by accident.


“It’s your turn, then,” Danneel says, turning to Jensen. “Truth or dare?”

“This is so juvenile,” he mumbles.

Genevieve laughs. “It’ll be more fun after the alcohol arrives,” she says, though she’s really operating on blind faith. She can’t think of a single time in her life Truth or Dare wasn’t a shitty idea.

“Stop bitching, you two. Truth or dare, Jensen?”

He rolls his eyes. “Truth. For the fifth time, truth. In fact, just start guessing truth for me every time, and then guess the answers.”

“Boring! You are so boring.” Danneel shoves at his shoulder and he smirks.

“You’re the one who can’t think of an interesting question.”

Danneel’s eyes go dark in an instant, and Genevieve can see the wheels in her head beginning to turn. Whatever is about to come out of her mouth, it’s going to be trouble.

“What’s the hottest fantasy that pops into your head right now?”

“You and only you,” Jensen says, voice mocking.

Danneel snorts. “That’s really sweet. How about the real answer now?”

Jensen swallows hard, licks his lips, and, goddamn his mouth is distracting. “Wanna see you kiss,” he says, eyes dodging from Danneel to Genevieve.

Danneel laughs. “That really all you can think of, boy scout?” she asks in a teasing tone, but Genevieve decides to give Jensen his fantasy and shut her up for him in one fell swoop.

Danneel makes a surprised sound that vibrates against her mouth and makes Genevieve somehow more turned on, and she can’t force herself to break the contact. Instead, she fights her way into Danneel’s mouth, playing with her tongue on the other woman’s until Danneel starts kissing back.

Genevieve has always known, on an intellectual level, that Danneel is basically the embodiment of sex appeal, but somehow she had no idea the other woman would be able to make her toes curl with her lips alone. Genevieve may have been the instigator, but Danneel takes over, reclining back and pulling Genevieve down on top of her.

A voice in the back of her head tries to convince her this is wrong. Jared is going to get home any moment and be confused, maybe even upset. But Jared’s kissed Danneel before, so he should damn well know that there’s no way to pull away from this.

Danneel wraps her legs around Genevieve, dragging her in, somehow kissing her even deeper, and Genevieve begins to feel herself getting wet from this alone.

“That’s so fucking hot,” she hears from only a few inches to her left, and that’s the only thing that reminds her Jensen is still there, still sitting right next to her.

She pulls away and turns to see his lips hanging open, shining, his eyes glazed over as he watches his wife beginning to snake her hands inside of Genevieve’s shirt.

“Are you gonna sit there with your mouth open, or are you gonna fucking help me?” Danneel suddenly asks, her breath heavy.

Jensen shakes his head, probably trying to get his brain working again. Genevieve realizes that there’s a part of him that’s unsure about what they’re doing and she definitely sympathizes. She leans forward, gives him a supportive kiss, and he lets out a shaky breath against her lips.

Jensen nods and does what Danneel obviously wants him to, uses his better angle to pull Genevieve’s t-shirt off. Danneel smiles like the devil would probably smile and sits up, letting Genevieve grind against her. She unhooks Genevieve’s bra with ease and lunges forward immediately, catching one breast in her mouth.

Genevieve throws her head back, holding Danneel against her and making sounds she can’t control. Danneel starts to work her body against Genevieve’s, trying to get some kind of relief, and Jensen reaches out so that Genevieve can feel his fingers brushing against her as he rubs his wife through the denim of her jeans. She gasps and pulls her mouth off the nipple her tongue has been circling, making Genevieve cry out in protest.

She suddenly feels very exposed with the cold air on her wet skin and tries to cover herself, as if Jensen getting a clear view of her is really going to make much of a difference at this point.

Danneel laughs and reaches up, slowly prying her hands away. “Jensen, touch her.”

Jensen hangs back, looking torn. “I can’t,” he says finally.

Before Danneel can get annoyed with him, she gets a better idea. “Help me get these off, then.”

She pushes Genevieve away from her, just for a second, and Genevieve sits off to the side as Jensen replaces her in between Danneel’s legs, beginning to unbutton her jeans. Danneel watches him intently, unbuttoning her blouse slowly as he works her pants and underwear off one leg, then the other.

Genevieve takes advantage of the break to take off her own jeans, but she doesn’t get her panties off before Danneel is sitting up, completely naked, with her back against the couch, just waiting for Genevieve to move. Genevieve swallows hard and decides to worry about herself later.

She crawls forward, stationing herself just over Danneel and slowly coaxes the other woman’s thighs apart, watching as she spreads everything she has for Genevieve to see, for Genevieve to do anything she wants with. And Genevieve does want.

Danneel smiles, reaching for her hands and placing them on her chest, kissing her, getting Genevieve’s lips wet, knowing where they’ll be in a few moments.

“You ever done this before?” she asks.

Genevieve shakes her head.

“That’s okay,” she says. “Just want you to do what Jared does to you. I’ve missed him.”

Genevieve knows exactly what she wants, so she wastes no time before she’s sinking down, face just inches from Danneel. She can see how wet she’s already gotten her, and slides one hand down to feel herself through the thin fabric of her underwear, wondering which one of them is more turned on.

“Come on, Gen,” she says. “Come on.”

Genevieve moves forward tentatively, teasing Danneel’s clit with the tip of her tongue. Danneel shivers and Genevieve forgets she’s unsure about this, wraps her lips around it and begins to suck, pressing her fingers into Danneel, getting her ready exactly the way Jared loves to do. Danneel begins to whimper almost immediately, so she figures she’s doing something right.

She pulls away briefly, sucking her fingers into her mouth to get a taste, and then she goes back down on Danneel, licking into her cunt. It’s sloppy and artless and Genevieve has next to no idea what she’s doing, but Danneel’s cries are hardly muffled by Jensen’s lips on hers and his fingers tangle in Genevieve’s hair, helping her out, guiding her movements just enough to keep her on track.

That’s when they hear the door open and they all freeze, realizing Jared’s just gotten home to find his wife, face covered in another woman’s mess.

“Got the booze,” he says, and there’s the sound of shuffling as Jared places the bag down on the coffee table and walks farther into the room.

Genevieve sits up, wiping her mouth on the back of her hand and looks from one face to another. Jensen’s eyes are wide and terrified and stuck on Jared. Danneel, on the other hand, gives Jared a cocky smile.

“I like your wife,” she says.

Jared’s standing over them, blinking like he has no idea how to do anything but stare anymore.

“Jay,” Jensen says nervously.

“Jesus Christ,” Jared replies, still frozen. “Jesus. Fuck. Jesus.

Genevieve doesn’t bother getting worked up about it. She can see how hard he is in his jeans, and she knows her husband better than to think he’s anything less than thrilled.

She feels bad for poor Jensen, though, and figures she’s stood between them for long enough. She leans over, pulling him close, so that he’s the only person in the room who can hear her whisper, “I’ll race you.”

Jensen pulls away stunned and searches her face for any hint it’s a joke. Right now, Genevieve is more interested in making Danneel scream than assuring him, so she rolls her eyes and turns back to Danneel, who places a hand on top of her head and tries to shove her back down.

Genevieve resists just long enough to watch Jensen crawl over to Jared, hands on his belt buckle before Jared even knows what he’s doing.

“Jen?” he asks. Jensen doesn’t answer, has his lips wrapped around Jared as soon as he’s gotten his cock free, and Jared breathes out, whispering Jensen’s name softer than Genevieve’s ever heard it.

Someday, she’s going to have a really good time watching Jensen suck her husband down like that, but she licks her lips and tastes Danneel and all she can think about at the moment is tasting more.

Maybe Genevieve is doing her job right, or maybe it’s the fact that Danneel can see everything going on in the room, including Jared with Jensen kneeled in front of him, sucking and moaning around Jared’s dick for Genevieve’s benefit. She gets off on hearing how much he loves doing it, and Danneel must, too, because Genevieve wins, feels Danneel shaking and hears her keening, crying out Genevieve’s name, just as she begins to taste something new. She licks a few more times, then presses sloppy kisses to the inside of Danneel’s thigh as she reluctantly pulls away, letting herself watch Danneel as she finishes falling apart.

“I won,” she announces.

Jensen pulls away then, looks over at Genevieve with dark eyes. “You got a head start.”

Genevieve cracks up. “A head start, guys. Get it?”

Jared laughs with her, Danneel makes a sound that’s trying to be annoyed, but is still much too sated to pass, and Jensen looks up at Jared, not sure whether to respond, or finish him off. He sways forward a little, clearly determined to get the job done, but Jared stops him, tugging lightly on his hair so he knows to stand up.

Slowly, Jensen rises to his feet, and Jared reaches for him, just letting his fingers linger on Jensen’s face for a few seconds before pulling him in and pressing their lips together. It’s chaste—loving and gentle—and Genevieve is a monster for not realizing how right this is from the moment she saw them in the kitchen.

“God, Jared, I missed this,” Jensen says, kissing him again.

Danneel sits up then, even looks a little vulnerable. “I missed it, too, you know,” she says.

Jared breaks away from Jensen and Danneel stands up, reaching for Genevieve’s hand so she knows to follow. Jared presses right up to Danneel, fits perfectly with her body, and gives her a lingering kiss that moves over her jaw, down to her neck. Jensen takes her lips as Jared works his mouth on her skin, and just as Genevieve is beginning to feel forgotten, he breaks away and looks at her.

“Babe,” he says, offering her a hand. She takes it, stepping into their space, and as soon as she’s within range there are three hands on her, all belonging to someone different, all stroking over her skin in welcome.

“I want,” Genevieve starts, but it falls flat. She doesn’t really know what the hell to say, and she figures it’s pretty obvious anyway. “More.”

Jensen nods, stepping away, pulling Genevieve by one hand and Jared by the other. Danneel grabs the free palm Jared offers, and they walk in a line to the bedroom.

Once they get to the edge of Jensen and Danneel’s bed, however, everyone pauses for one awkward minute. They look from the mattress to each other, all seem to be realizing it’s going to be a task to fit four people on it comfortably. Naturally, Danneel is the first person up to the challenge.

She stands at the edge of the bed and motions Genevieve over.

“Let’s get you out of these,” she whispers, hands pushing under the elastic at the back of Genevieve’s underwear and cupping her ass.

Danneel is the only person completely naked, with Genevieve in a close second and Jensen still completely clothed. Genevieve figures it’s only decent to make sure Danneel isn’t alone on a limb.

Someone steps behind her. Genevieve feels fabric all along her back, a hard dick pushing into her ass where Danneel’s fingers are still caressing.

“Go on, Jen,” Danneel tells him, but Jensen hesitates again. She leans over Genevieve, pressing their bodies too close together, so that she can kiss her husband and whisper, “She’s Jared’s. She’s ours.”

Jensen presses his lips to Genevieve’s neck as soon as the words have sunk in, and Danneel ends up being the one to pull her panties to the floor, only because Jensen’s hands are too busy massaging her, fingers just skimming over her nipples in a way that might very well be considered torture.

Genevieve is hardly aware of Jared standing behind Jensen, working his clothes off until Jensen breaks contact with her to shrug off his shirt and let his pants and boxers fall to the floor. Jared’s already taken off his shirt, and his jeans were abandoned in the living room.

Danneel stands again, looking up, across both of the bodies between her and Jared. She smirks, letting herself fall back onto the bed and moving on it until she’s pushed up against the pillows.

Jared immediately goes for it, crawls towards her as eagerly as Genevieve had earlier. He stops to pull condoms out of the nightstand, Jensen’s nightstand, as if it’s old hat for him, which Genevieve has to remind herself it is. He tosses an extra one to the side, and Genevieve doesn’t miss the implication. Jensen doesn’t, either, if the way his hand moves down her body and his fingers begin to work her open is any sign, but he doesn’t rush anything. Genevieve stands at the end of the bed, watching as Jared kisses Danneel, hands on her breasts, cock leaking.

“They’re beautiful, aren’t they?” Jensen asks, voice low and more reverential than turned on. Genevieve wonders when she and Jensen started having so many private conversations, but she likes it, and there’s no denying he’s right.

She nods, and he turns her around, kissing her, looking at her like she’s beautiful, too. She takes his hand and leads him around the bed, sitting on the side and taking the condom Jared set aside for them. She gets the packet open and slides it over him, lying back, spreading her legs just enough for him to be able to fit over her.

She looks to the right, sees that Jared’s on his back now, too, and Danneel is sinking down on him for the first time. His hands are still pressed against her chest, but as Jensen slowly lowers himself into her, Jared lets go of Danneel and reaches out for Genevieve’s hand. She places one palm upward on the mattress between them and he tangles their fingers.

They stay like that, holding hands as Danneel rides him and Jensen rolls his hips into her, bringing her closer and closer to orgasm with every thrust.

Jared hardly manages to resist coming before Danneel works herself to her second climax of the night.

“Gen, I’m close,” Jensen says as his wife’s moans fill his ears.

She smiles when Jared squeezes her hand and he lets go of her, reaching out until Jensen bends a little and takes his fingers between his lips, sucking them hungrily, eyes still on Genevieve. That’s when she loses control, calling out Jensen’s name. He follows the rest of them, thrusting a few more times before pulling out and falling on his back between her and Jared, gasping for breath.

Danneel is still on top of Jared, he’s still inside of her, and she lifts herself off him, rolling to the side where Jensen’s somehow managed to find space for her. His back is to Genevieve, though, so she climbs over them until she’s found her spot next to Jared. Jensen laughs, sounding like a delighted child, easier and more light-hearted than she’s ever heard him before.

Jared sits up. Genevieve kisses his neck, Danneel his chest, and Jensen gets his lips one more time before he relaxes back, one arm around Genevieve, fingers on Danneel’s shoulder. Jensen wraps his own fingers around a few of Jared’s, and Jared smiles contentedly.

He whispers what might be Jen or Gen, and Genevieve doesn’t really think there’s much of a difference which one he meant, anyway. All that matters now is that there’s a warm body pressing against her from both sides, a feminine hand on her thigh to compliment the masculine one wrapped around her.


For once, Genevieve does not wake up alone. Her back is exposed where Jared was when she fell asleep, but she’s got someone in her arms, and her fingers brush against another body behind that one. It takes a few moments to catch up.

Someone on the bed stirs, making a disgruntled sound and turning over.

“Jared’s up,” Jensen mumbles.

“What else is new?” Genevieve says, curling closer to Danneel to make up for the empty space behind her.

Danneel’s the only one in bed who makes a content sound. “He always misses out,” she says, opening her eyes and leaning forward to kiss Genevieve. “Morning after cuddling is the best part.”

Jensen is kissing Danneel’s neck lightly now, taking a deep breath against her skin. “Let’s go back to sleep,” he says.

“I’m on board,” Danneel replies.

Genevieve makes an incomprehensible sound that means ‘yeah, that’ and Jensen laughs lightly, leaning over his wife to brush the hair out of Genevieve’s face and kiss her forehead.

“Hey, there,” says a voice from the door. “Time to get up, lazies.”

Danneel doesn’t even say anything, just sits up and throws a pillow in the general direction of where Jared’s standing.

He chuckles. “That wasn’t very nice.”

“Go away,” Jensen says. “We hate you.”

Genevieve suddenly understands how Jared’s always been so good at dealing with her bad attitude in the morning.

“I made breakfast,” he says in a coaxing voice, as if he wasn’t just attacked and reviled in the same thirty seconds.

Jensen leans over, gathering their bodies together as if the three of them are holding an impromptu meeting.

“Is that sufficient, guys?”

“I’m kinda hungry,” Danneel admits.

“Wait, don’t cave yet. We have to be practical.” Genevieve sits up, crossing her arms over her chest and giving her husband the most dignified look she can pull off while naked and half-asleep. “We’re listening.”

“Coffee,” Jared says. Jensen jolts up in bed. “Sunny side up eggs,” he continues. Danneel also comes to life, though with slightly less enthusiasm than Jensen had. “And some bacon for me.” He smiles; Genevieve glares. “Oh, right, and I made you pancakes, too.”

She claps, jumping off of the bed and flinging her arms around his neck. Jared laughs, kissing her and then pulling away, smoothing her hair down.

“Breakfast is in five. And everyone must wear clothing to the table.”

“Tyrant,” Danneel yells after him. She stumbles out of bed and puts on a t-shirt so big it serves as a dress, throwing one to Genevieve. They both look more like they belong to Jared than to Jensen, and Genevieve’s heart feels just a little fuller knowing there are still reminders here of what used to exist. What Genevieve hopes, even believes, is going to always exist from now on.

Jensen picks out boxers and declares it a complete outfit, buying himself another three minutes lying in bed with a pillow over his head, willing the morning away.

“Maybe we should just bring him the coffee,” Genevieve says.

“No, no,” says Danneel, as if she’s about to tell Genevieve the secrets of the universe. “He’ll never leave the bed then. It’ll just make him fat and lazy.”

Jensen raises an arm, Genevieve thinks it’s supposed to be flipping them off, but Jensen doesn’t seem to have the coordination and ends up waving it aimlessly instead.

“You tell ‘em, hunny,” Danneel says, putting an arm around Genevieve’s waist and following the scent trailing from the kitchen.

Jensen joins them eventually, hair mussed and eyes half-lidded. He gives Jared’s hand a squeeze when Jared finishes pouring his coffee, and Genevieve catches the tiniest, sweetest smile she thinks she’s ever seen on her husband’s face as he turns away. Under the table, she presses one foot against Jensen’s ankle and one against Danneel’s.

It’s a good start, she thinks. To the day. To something else she can’t really wrap up into one word. And that, she realizes, is kind of the best part.
Tags: real person fic: cw

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