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Real Person Fic – J2: Like Lightning (Slow Show Fanmix)

Like Lightning (A Slow Show Fanmix)

1. Are You Lightning? - Nada Surf

Jensen to Jared

2. Hard to Concentrate - Red Hot Chili Peppers

FIRST HALF: Jensen to Danneel / SECOND HALF: Jensen to Jared

3. The Hardest Part - Coldplay

Jensen to Danneel

4. Ashes and Wine - A Fine Frenzy

Danneel to Jensen

5. When the Heartache Ends - Rob Thomas

Jensen to Jared

6. Brighter Than Sunshine - Aqualung

Jensen to Jared

7. Lover’s Day - TV on the Radio

Jensen to Jared

8. Heartbreak Warfare - John Mayer

Jensen to Jared

9. Touch, Feel, & Lose - Ryan Adams

Jensen to Jared

10. I Am Trying to Break Your Heart - Wilco

Jensen to Jared

11. Friends, Lovers Or Nothing - John Mayer

Jared to Jensen

12. Slow Show - The National

Jensen to Jared

Thanks to marciaelena for the art! If you'd like to see these in better detail, please go check out her entry and let her know what you think!
Tags: other media: fanmix, real person fic: cw, slow show!verse

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