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Real Person Fic - J2: Slow Show (spn_j2_bigbang 2010) Author's Notes

Well, it looks like I have too many people to thank and too much of an inability to be brief to properly keep all my notes in the master post, so here goes. Sorry to everyone watching infatuated_ink that isn’t interested in J2—today must really suck for you :D.

This story was a roller coaster. I started it with the intention that it would be an 8K help_haiti fic about a divorce. And then I had the idea “Aww, wouldn’t it be cute if they ate milk and cookies together?” That’s when this story grew a mind of its own. Before I knew it, I had 8K in which I got nobody divorced and established very little except for how Jared and Jensen prefer their Oreos. Somehow, cookies became an overarching plot point. Somehow, I ended up having to do research on different kinds of cookies. Let me tell you, internet, there was a solid three weeks after I finished this story where I thought that if I never saw another cookie, it would be too soon. I still haven’t eaten a single one in the month since I finished, in fact. This story and I, we had some rough patches. But ultimately? I’ve probably never been so proud of anything I’ve written. This story is my baby and maybe it ruined my spring break, but I love it anyway.

It would suck as much as it did that first week, however, were it not for a few beautiful people.

Thanks to:

Nobody will be surprised to hear that my first thanks go to my beloved wife, Olivia. My beta, my muse, the light of my life. Aside from being the warm fuzzy feeling in my heart that keeps me going through the day (oh, how I wish this was an exaggeration), she was both darling enough to giggle when I was telling her stupid little things I was planning for this story and honest enough to tell me when to cut an entire scene because I was making Jensen insufferable (I really was, it was terrible). She is the reason I am in this fandom, the reason I know big bang exists at all, the reason I ever had the confidence to even attempt to take it on. She also took my fanmix from being four songs that kind of worked to being an actual, functional fanmix. This story would be garbage without everything I’ve learned from you over the years, babe.

Chose my story at random and I immediately freaked out that she would be disappointed in it. Not only was she not, she then she proceeded to spoil the rotten crap out of me, making me the happiest writer/fanart monster on the planet. She was a darling and kept me updated throughout the artistic process, and did her best to make use of my incredibly bad explanations of how I saw certain scenes. The fact that she was enthusiastic about working on this story meant the world to me. I won’t go into how I feel about her art (both in general and the pieces specifically done for this story), because no one needs to see that kind of undignified fangirling, but I have said it before and I will say it again: Go look at this fabulousness and let her know she’s a genius.

Who liked this story enough to make a lovely podfic of this story! :DD

Should, quite honestly, hate me for all the things I corrupted her with. As a first reader, she got literally every single tiny thing that I tried to do with the story, even the parts I was convinced I had completely failed to express. Honestly, whatever the reception of this story is, I will be proud of it just because one person in the world read it and it meant that much to them. Aside from being a heartwarming first reader, she agreed to let me torture her with my fanmix and consistently sided with wutendeskind’s better judgement. Together, they kept my awful taste in music in check. I very seriously appreciate that.

My other first readers:

cackling_madly - Who is an awesome friend, unwittingly the excuse I used to start writing this story when I did, and who was really helpful in fixing things up (like she always is <3).

For what it’s worth, girlfriend, you did better than any Nebraskan soccer mom ever could have.

non_timebo_mala - Your praise of this story has made me blush on more than one occasion. When the low self-esteem monsters came creeping in, I thought of some of the things you’ve said and felt immediately better.

monjinator - WE WROTE BIG BANGS!!1!!!1! I think we need penis cards to celebrate this moment.

For always believing in me when I’d long since given up on this story ever getting anywhere. You’ve got to be the cutest thing I’ve ever found online and you never let me entertain a single negative thought about myself. Baby, it meant more than you think. Also, for anyone who might be reading this (I don’t even think the people these are about are still reading them), she wanted me to let you know she’s really awesome :P.

She helped me with cookie research. IT WAS A SERIOUS JOB, OKAY? Jared’s life would be much worse without cowboy cookies.

Because you were just as stressed and crazy when Clex and I were trying to make that deadline as we were and having you in on the writing battles was a good time.

My entire friendslist has been incredibly enthusiastic and encouraging throughout, whether it was cheerleading and promising that I actually could get it done on time, comments about how excited they are for me, or sending virtual gifts to make fun of how often I whined about milk and cookies while writing this (I am looking at you, lavendergaia). You guys make me smile each and every day!

wendy & thehighwaywoman:
Who will never see this, but who do a freakishly outstanding job running this epic fest.

John Mayer:
For trying to destroy my life. You were a worthwhile adversary, sir.
Tags: real person fic: cw, slow show!verse

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