December 28th, 2010

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Supernatural: The Land Before Time

Title: The Land Before Time
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters/Pairings: Sam/Dean
Genre: Crack/Smut
Rating: NC-17 for Explicit Sexual Content, Gratuitous Bad Language, and HEAVY Crack
Word Count: 3,565
Author’s Note: Written as a very late (sorry BB!) birthday gift for the lovely unavoidedcrisis. I’ve kind of been wanting to write Sam/Dean + dinosaurs ever since a cracked out tweetversation led to me pointing out how strapping Sam Winchester would look astride a brontosaurus and Leen making me this. She also asked for: “Sam/Dean - Hair pulling. Come on. Do it. Write me poooooooorn.” So, uh, that settled the question of rating. This is unbeta’d—sorry in advance, world. Hope you enjoy the crazy and don’t have me committed, BB! <333 There is no time-traveling urn (that I know of) in the bible, I made it up as a plot device, and I don't know if brontosauruses and T-Rexes existed at the same time, or if they fought each other, or what. Just a disclaimer to remind everyone this is crack and not to be in any way taken seriously. ETA 5/7/2013: Thanks to eosrose, you can now read this in epub format here.
Summary: This is all Sam’s fault. Sam and his stupid, flailing limbs. All Dean was trying to do was get laid, and now he’s dodging dinosaurs.


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