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Real Person Fic - CW: Through the Looking Glass [Knotting Slavefic!Verse Timestamp]

Title: Through the Looking Glass
Fandom: Real Person Fic: CW
Characters/Pairings: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17 for explicit sexual content including A/B/O dynamics and knotting, rimming, and mirror sex. Very vague references to past abuses that you will recognize if you’ve read the story.
Word Count: 2,452
Author’s Note: This is one of three timestamps to Rattling Your Locks that was requested 8,000 years ago at my timestamp meme. I always meant to post them all together when I revamp the fic and put the verse up on AO3, but that's going to take more time and effort than I generally have with all the new fic I'm trying to generate, and I needed to post something in July to meet my goal for the year. Because I actually started this one years ago and stopped at the porn for the night only to never get back to it, this was the only thing I had close to completion (har har, you see what I did there). This one was requested by wendy who asked for: "Sexy times, in the future, mirrors or silk sheets or dirty talking or something else hot! *grabby hands*" I doubt she or anyone else honestly remembers this fic, so I’m not sure how in demand a timestamp is, but if anyone is reading this, I really hope you enjoy it!
Summary: Jensen has been free and living with Jared for about a week, but he’s still struggling to understand what Jared sees in him. Jared tries to show him.

“Tired,” Jared says, drawing the word out like there are a hundred vowels in it instead of two. He collapses onto the mattress with exaggerated heaviness and crawls up behind Jensen, wrapping an arm around him. “Help me, Jensen, I’m tired.”

“Well, you’re in a bed,” he says, rolling his eyes when the response only prompts Jared to make a whiny noise and start rocking both of their bodies. He turns over, not pushing Jared’s arms away but moving enough to face him. “Perfect place to fall asleep.”

“Don’t be a smartass,” Jared tells him, some of the energy slipping from his voice so Jensen can really hear just how exhausted he is.

He’s been hard at work all day, building something beautiful while Jensen pored over the incredibly sloppy job of bookkeeping Jared’s done for the last few years, trying to figure out how to even begin to straighten the numbers out.

Jensen thought his day was long; his eyes were swimming by the time he gave up on finances and decided to make dinner instead, but he can smell thick sweat and Alpha scent on Jared, and it makes Jensen ashamed. He can hardly make a damn bowl of pasta for Jared, too spoiled by growing up with a staff to worry about things like that, and he thought he was tired from doing some math.

Meanwhile, Jared was out in the yard all day, hot sun beating down as he sawed and hammered and did whatever the hell else goes into making furniture, and he never comes home complaining. He comes home tanned and sweaty, smelling like every dirty impulse Jensen’s ever had, eats the shit Jensen tries to cook him with an amused smirk on his face, and falls into bed behind Jensen, worn down from the day but somehow still excited just to be holding Jensen.

Jensen’s been here, free—home—with Jared for just over a week now, and he still can’t really believe it.

Three years ago, he used to be the one to come back from work, grumpy and on the verge of passing out. Jared would be waiting for him, would work his hands over the tight, sore muscles in Jensen’s back, too tense from a day holding himself wrong to impress a room of people he hates. His long, strong fingers would reduce Jensen to nothing but warm contentedness and a wet ache between his legs. Jensen can’t do that for Jared—his hands aren’t trained to build or sooth, and he wonders for the millionth time just what the hell made Jared wait for him, come back for him, free him. Even Sadie pulls her weight better than Jensen can.

“You look pensive,” Jared says, interrupting Jensen’s thoughts before the guilt complex has a chance to take over completely. He leans forward and kisses Jensen’s nose, then pulls away. “Stop it. I didn’t marry you for your brain.”

“Well, why did you, then?” Jensen asks, reaching up to brush loose strands of hair out of Jared’s eyes.

Jared grins, the hand wrapped around Jensen moves lower and he takes Jensen's ear between his teeth, nibbling gently on the lobe. "That ass," he teases.

Jensen squirms, tries to get a little distance, just for the sake of his dignity. "Could have had any number of asses."

Jared frowns, his voice soft when he says, “Don’t do that, Jensen.”

Jensen shakes his head and looks away, trying to force a smile. “I’m sorry, Jay. I just—”

“Shh,” Jared whispers. He rolls Jensen over so that his heavy body is pinning Jensen to the mattress and moves down for a kiss. “I love you.”

Jensen nods and returns the kiss, loving the way Jared crushes him, the sense of suffocation that borders on terrifying. Jensen’s instinct is still to hide from the comfort he feels being dominated, to feel ashamed of how badly he wants to give himself over to powerlessness, but then he catches Jared’s scent and it’s intoxicating. There’s so much of him to protect Jensen, and Jensen doesn’t have to be on guard any more. There’s no one and nothing coming for him that Jared can’t—hasn’t already—saved him from.

“How tired are you?” Jared asks.

Despite how far in his own head he is, Jensen can’t ignore the edge of mischief in Jared’s expression. For some reason, Jared does want him, and Jensen wouldn’t be strong enough to resist how that changes his body even if he wanted to.

“Not so tired that I can’t smell you,” he whispers.

Jared grins and sits up, holding a hand out to Jensen. “Come here.”

“Mmm, but we’re already in bed,” he complains, even as he obeys. His Alpha asked nicely. Jensen is only an animal. “Can’t you fuck me without me having to get up.”

“Not tonight,” Jared says. “Not when you’re like this.”

“When I’m like what?” Jensen mutters as Jared walks him across their small bedroom, but he knows he isn’t as good at hiding what he’s thinking as he used to be, and the façade never held up much in front of Jared, anyway.

They stop when they reach the mirror in the corner and Jared stands behind Jensen, wrapping his arms around him in an embrace and propping his face on Jensen’s shoulder. “What do you see?”

“I see a really hot guy,” Jensen replies, turning his face to try to get Jared to kiss him. “But there’s this other loser standing in front of him, blocking the view.”

Jared huffs a laugh against Jensen’s neck as his hands slide down and push the black underwear Jensen is wearing off of him. The briefs fall to his feet and Jensen kicks them off, pushing back into Jared. Jared is still wearing his own boxers, but his knot is already halfway there, and Jared at half is more than most men at their hardest. The erection is more than making an impression where it’s pressing into Jensen’s back, and Jensen is already wet just from the hint of it.

“Tell me what you see,” Jared demands now that Jensen is standing at the mirror naked, even though Jensen already answered him.

“I told you, I—”

The view changes pretty spectacularly, because Jared drops to his knees behind him, and Jensen feels the tip of his tongue begins to lap at his hole, Jared putting his hands on Jensen’s cheeks and pulling him open as he pushes in further. Jensen knows Jared loves the taste of him, has been treated to this on many occasions, but he’s never been expected to keep his legs under him at the same time.

Jensen has to put his arms out to brace himself as Jared eats him out, using the corner walls to hold him as he shakes. Jared goes deep enough to open Jensen up, even for what he’s about to give him, and Jensen lets out a moan.

Jared pulls back for a moment, growls, “Tell me!” in his most commanding voice, and Jensen can only resist for so long before his nature takes over, making him eager to obey. He likes to pretend he’s no stereotype, but with Jared, it’s easy and liberating to be the Omega he once tried so hard to bury.

“See you on your knees for me,” Jensen says, panting. “Serving me. See how much I need you, just from the way my body tenses when you’re near me. Fuck, it feels good, Jared, but I need your knot.”

Rising to his feet, Jared slides his fingers down the crack of Jensen’s ass and pushes three in at once, checking to see if Jensen is ready for him. Of course, he’s soaking wet and born to take Jared.

“Gonna love you dripping down your legs as you stand here,” Jared tells him. “Can you see that? How fucking soaked you are for me already? Gonna be so much more when I breed you.”

“Do it,” Jensen begs. “Please, I wanna watch you fuck me.”

“Yeah.” Jared takes his cock in hand, lining the head up carefully with Jensen and pushing in until he’s buried, all the way to his knot.

Jensen has felt the peace that settles over him when Jared bottoms out in him too few times, but seeing how his face changes is a completely different experience. He doesn’t look like the brittle businessman he usually sees in the mirror, not now. Not as Jared presses his mouth to Jensen’s neck. He just looks like a man, loved and worthy of that love.

He chokes off a cry as he bucks forward, trying to get closer to the Jensen and Jared he sees in the glass, wanting so desperately to be that version of himself, and Jared follows the tug, turning the forward motion into a thrust so powerful that Jensen falls onto the mirror for a moment before he can pull back and catch a glimpse of the filthy smirk on Jared’s face behind him.

“You like that?” Jared asks, soothing a hand down Jensen’s neck as he fucks in and pulls out as much as he can when they’re tied together like this.

The stretch of Jared’s knot is a lot, always is, and it’s these centering touches that soften the sensation of being split in half. It’s the small tenderness that Jared adds without even thinking about it that makes this feel safe and so fucking good and set Jared knotting him apart from the memories he thought he would never be able to get away from. Jensen once thought he would never truly enjoy being breeded, and look at him now. For the first time, he can truly see how wrong he was.

“Fuck me,” Jensen whines as Jared does. “Need you so bad. I can see how much I need you.”

Like Jared predicted, he can see the trails of his own juices leaking down his thighs, even now, when Jared is filling him up so good, so he can only imagine the mess they’re going to make when he finishes coming and pulls out. He reaches down, flattening his palm long the inside of his legs, and that’s enough to get his hand plenty lubed to ease him when he grabs his own dick and begins to jerk himself.

“Good boy,” Jared whispers. He’s watching Jensen, too, his catlike eyes dark with desire as he thrusts and thrusts, rutting against Jensen without anywhere to go. “Look what a mess you are for me. I’m so lucky. You see that now, right? You see why I need you so much.”

Jensen gets what Jared is doing here. He wants to say it worked, that what’s in front of him as he works himself to his orgasm is enough to untangle the mess of what Jensen did to Jared and make him worthy, but it would be a lie. He does, however, at least have a visual on why they work.

“I see how good you take care of me,” Jensen whispers. “And I know that’s what you were born to do.”

“Close enough,” Jared replies, dropping his face to Jensen’s shoulder as he grabs Jensen’s thighs hard and begins to fuck into him with even shallower thrusts. Jensen knows before he says it what’s about to happen. “I’m gonna come.”

“Good,” Jensen says, trying to make his voice as playful as possible even as he becomes more out of breath with every minute. “Because it’s gonna take you forever, and I want to go to sleep someday.”

The warm rush of come starts as Jared is still laughing quietly into his skin, but as Jensen predicted, it’s almost fifteen minutes before Jared is truly done breeding him. In the meantime, Jared’s knot begins to loosen, the tight, locked-in feeling giving way to some and then a little more friction, until Jared’s fucking him with regular, heavy thrusts, and Jensen is keening every single time he pushes in, hitting Jensen’s sweet spot like the expert marksman he is.

Jensen’s climax occurs somewhere during that period, while Jared is fucking him without abandon. He spends the rest of the time until Jared has finally finished with him watching Jared’s faces as he works through his orgasm, the way his eyes drop closed for almost the entire time and he seems lost in what he’s experiencing. In Jensen. Jared is beautiful at all times, but enough so to break Jensen's heart when he’s like this, free from all the things that have been done to him and living, for however short a time, in some sensation perfect enough to match the peace he should always have. The kind of easiness that Jensen once dreamed of giving him but which he can no longer offer.

Jared doesn’t seem upset at Jensen's shortcomings when he finally opens his eyes, meeting Jensen’s in the mirror. Then he smiles, a tiny turn to his lips, shy despite how assertive he just was as he took Jensen over and rebuilt him from the inside out.

“How was that?” he asks.

“It was fine, I guess,” Jensen teases, trying to keep his tone casual and dismissive.

Jared rolls his eyes and pulls away, and Jensen misses seeing him in the reflection enough that he finally abandons the reflection and turns to face him.

“I’ll get something to wipe that mess up,” Jared says, grinning at the come dripping down Jensen’s legs. “Don’t you dare get in bed like that.”

“Okay, but hurry,” Jensen tells him. “I may lie down right here on the floor and just sleep like that.”

He hears the laughter as Jared disappears into the bathroom, and it’s only a few moments before he emerges with a wet towel. The little home Jared carved out for them isn’t big, doesn’t take as long to navigate as the mansion Jensen once trapped them both in. He kind of like that about it.

Once he’s cleaned Jensen off, they climb back into bed and settle into an easy pattern, Jensen on his side with Jared wrapped around him from behind.

“Did it work?” Jared whispers once they’ve been quiet for a few minutes, and Jensen is close enough to sleep that Jared must think he’ll catch him off guard. “You get how lucky I am to have you now, don’t you?”

“I get that we fit and I know how lucky I am that we do,” Jensen replies. Then he smiles into his pillow, already anticipating the way he’s about to make Jared groan, and that it’ll win him the last word for the night and put an end to heavier subjects. “Upon reflection.”
Tags: knotting slavefic!verse, real person fic: cw

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