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Title: Highway to Heaven + ART
Summary: Paradise lasts for all of fifteen minutes. Well, maybe longer. Dean’s not sure yet how time works here, but it sure doesn’t feel like forever before things start going sideways.
[Words: 24,771; Rating: NC-17]

Title: The Butterfly Effect + ART
Summary: Dean goes to Stanford looking for his little brother. He doesn’t find his brother, but he does find Sam.
[Note: Timestamp; Words: 13,775; Rating: NC-17]

Title: Do Androids Dream?
Summary: AU: Sam has been training to be a blade runner most of his life, ever since a group of rogue replicants killed his mother in an attempt to kidnap him as a baby. Now he's one of the top officers in the L.A. Police Department's Blade Running Unit, with a reputation for being ruthless when retiring rebellious androids. Problem is: Sam's never been as comfortable killing replicants as he pretends to be; growing up with Dean as his primary caretaker and a valued member of the family has left Sam with a weak spot for androids that he knows might get him killed one day. Knowing that doesn't stop Sam from loving Dean, or from wishing his replicant was as human as he acts. Now he's on the trail of Azazel, the yellow-eyed android responsible for ruining his life, but the closer he gets to retiring Azazel and putting an end to his days as a blade runner, the more he learns that there might be no turning back for him and Dean. (Loosely based on Blade Runner)
[Words: 16,398; Rating: NC-17]

Title: Into the City of Woe
Summary: The champion's name is Sam, and sitting high upon his throne, Dean hates him.
[Words: 19,998; Rating: NC-17]

Title: Strawberry Fields
Summary: Sam has hardly slept off his last exam when Dean knocks on his door. He's not surprised, though he probably should be. He spent last winter break alone, and all the evidence pointed to Sam never seeing his brother again. But he felt Dean coming, an invisible thread stretched too tight between them loosening with every mile.

Before he can question it, he's sitting shotgun, his feet propped on the dash, the too-loud songs of his childhood sung in his brother's off key voice filling his ears as the wind whips past. And they're driving off to all points nowhere, nothing to do but take in the sights and each other.

[Words: 10,942; Rating: NC-17]

Title: Behold, A Pale Horse
Summary: When Sam fails to complete the third trial, a tear in the barrier between Earth and Hell is created and hellspawn called shadon are unleashed. The only way to bind these creatures and close the gates of Hell is for a sacrifice to be made by the man who chose his own life over completing the trials, and this time, the price is even greater. In order to correct the apocalypse he's released, Sam must kill his soulmate and live with the consequences.

After years without Dean, Sam dies on a hunt and thinks he will finally be reunited with his brother in Heaven. But when his reaper appears, it's Dean himself, and he's not as willing to reap Sam as Sam is to be reaped.

[Words: 19,221; Rating: NC-17]

Title: Into Oblivion
Summary: AU after 8x23: Sam dies before completing the last trial, leaving Dean alone and desperate. After a month of trying to bring Sam back with no luck, Dean gets a tip from the most unlikely of places: Metatron. Now reigning in Heaven, the angel is still looking for stories—one story in particular. Sam and Dean broke destiny when they derailed the apocalypse, rewrote the book Metatron had penned himself so many thousands of years ago, and now theirs is the only history the Scribe of God can't access. Although he has Sam's soul captive in Heaven, no amount of torture has convinced Sam to give up his and Dean's life story.

Metatron gives Dean a scroll and makes a bet: if Dean can follow the instructions and return Sam's soul to his body within three days, then Heaven will relinquish its claim on Sam. If he can't? Dean will forget he ever had a brother, and all of his memories of Sam will belong to Metatron. It sounds like a fair enough deal, but of course there's a catch. From the moment Dean reads the instructions, he begins to forget Sam and his quest, each memory disappearing faster the more clues he leaves to keep himself on track. It's a race against the clock to decide Sam's life, and it's all or nothing. Dean will get his brother back—or lose him completely.

[Words: 24,390; Rating: NC-17]

Title: Between Scylla and Charybdis
Summary: To save a young girl, Dean insists on rushing into a job before they really know what they're hunting. They just barely make it out intact: one small injury, a bite to Dean's neck, and as far as Sam's concerned they got lucky. At least until they find out the bite they'd thought was no big deal is slowly changing Dean into a lake monster. Now Sam has to decide between killing his brother and risking that Dean will turn him next.
[Words: 12,413; Rating: NC-17]

Title: Stranger That I Used to Know
Summary: Sam and Dean wake up in a hospital without memories of their life before and no clues except for each other. Together, they try to hunt down the creature responsible for their memory loss, but what they find along the way might be even better.
[Words: 11,500; Rating: NC-17]

Title: Living on Flood Tides
Summary: AU after 5x22: Sam mysteriously returns from the cage and Dean thinks their problems are solved. Unfortunately, Sam is so shaken from his time in Hell that he can't—won't?—even talk to Dean, and when natural disasters begin to occur as frequently as they did when the Devil was walking the Earth, Dean realizes his brother may have acquired some of the angel's powers without picking up the ability to control them. In order to prevent Sam from hurting anyone, Dean finds a house as far from anything as he can manage and settles there to wait until the day Sam gets better—or until they both get killed by Sam's grace.
[Words: 20,000; Rating: NC-17]

Title: Hydra
Summary: Season 8 AU: Sam completes his second trial—slaying a hydra—and is one step closer to shutting the gates of Hell. The hydra's venom has a curious side effect, however, and Dean wakes up one day to find six tentacles have sprouted from his brother's back. When Kevin sends them to an oracle to find out the last trial, they discover why.
[Note: Timestamp; Words: 17,713; Rating: NC-17]

Title: Kicks Like a Sleep Twitch
Summary: Season 3 AU: Sam continues to use the dream root after they finish the dreamwalking hunt in order to make his ability to control dreams stronger. He tells himself it's just to hone a skill he can use while hunting. As Dean's deal gets closer to coming due and Sam's nightmares become more and more vivid, however, it becomes an escape—until Sam walks into Dean's dream and everything changes. What started as a way to avoid bad dreams becomes a new connection between Sam and Dean, one so strong that even the distance between Earth and Hell can't keep them apart.
[Words: 28,086; Rating: NC-17]

Title: Formed of Dust
Summary: His Dark Materials Fusion: Ever since Sam was a little kid he's been different, whether it was his male daemon or the mysterious Dust only Sam could see. Now he's trapped in the underworld after saving the planet, separated from his brother, his daemon, and even his body. Dean and his wolf daemon Trixin try to take care of Xantherios, Sam's dying raven daemon, but they're both starting to give up hope. When Sam returns, cold and seemingly indifferent to both his brother and his own daemon, they think they've lost him forever. At least until Castiel arrives and tells Dean that the secret to saving Sam from Hell and reconnecting soul and body lies in the Dust Dean only ever half believed in. Desperate to save his brother, Dean faces an unimaginable horror to enter the underworld and bring Sam back.
[Words: 16,523; Rating: R]

Title: Consider the Hairpin Turn
Summary: AU of 6x22: Sam's wall has shattered and the memories in his mind have splintered. When the Sam who remembers Hell tells him to go find Jess and be happy, Sam knows he can't stay while Dean needs him. But when the Sam from Hell says that Dean is already there looking for him, Sam leaves his memories of the pit behind to find him.

What he finds is a life he doesn't remember: a house that he shares with his brother (and has for years), a law career he thought he'd left behind at Stanford, and a relationship with Dean he never dreamed he could have. Life is almost too good to be true, at least until Sam begins to hear his brother's voice calling to him, begging him to wake up.

[Words: 27,692; Rating: NC-17]

Title: Houses Out of Cardboard Boxes
Summary: It's been nine months since Castiel went missing and the baby has Jimmy Novak's eyes. It isn’t hard for Sam to put two and two together.
[Note: EPILOGUE; Words: 17,135; Rating: PG-13]

Title: A List of Typos Made by God
Summary: The summer before Sam leaves for Stanford, Dean begins to forget his relationship with Sam. Every morning he remembers less, and Sam is just waiting for the day Dean forgets him completely.
[Words: 44,443; Rating: NC-17]

Title: All Fired Up, This Soul
Summary: Slowly but surely, Sam gets his soul back. That’s the easy part. (AU after 6x10 - Caged Heat)
[Note: Timestamp; Words: 13,450; Rating: R]

Title: Perpetual Motion
Summary: Dean keeps his promise to Sam for as long as he can, but after two years, he still can’t cope with his brother’s loss. When he leaves Lisa to try and sort out his issues, however, he discovers that Sam is already back and dealing with the aftermath of Lucifer’s possession. Together, they struggle with Sam’s new powers and their relationship with each other, but when something starts targeting the people they’ve saved, the powers just might be the only thing that can stop it. (AU after 5x22)
[Words: 30,539; Rating: NC-17]


Title: Wasteland, Baby!
Summary: Whether God successfully ended the world or not is just a matter of perspective. Dean knows where he stands on the issue, but how Sam feels about it, he’s not so sure.
[Words: 9,865; Rating: NC-17]

Title: Entrenched
Summary: World War II AU: Dean said he was going so he would be a hero. Sam ate it right up at first. Begged to come with him.
[Words: 1,029; Rating: PG]

Title: Revisionist History
Summary: Michael breaks out of the cage in Dean's mind and retakes control, trapping Dean in a new happy memory, one where his brother loves him the way Dean wishes he would. There's just one problem. Apparently, Dean's feelings for Sam are more than a little contagious.
[Words: 4,964; Rating: NC-17]

Title: Tabula Rasa
Summary: Sam and Dean find each other in The Empty.
[Words: 1,849; Rating: NC-17]

Title: Gonna Take You to the Glory
Summary: When Dean finds out from some high school seniors that there's a girl who sucks dicks for hours through a gloryhole every Thursday night in an abandoned house, he can't wait for the next Thursday to go to the address they gave him and get his dick sucked, too.

When it happens again a few months later in a different town, he can't believe his luck. The third time, he starts to think that it's a bit suspicious. The fourth time, though, Dean finally puts two and two together.

[Words: 8,016; Rating: NC-17]

Title: Inertia
Summary: Sam is hit with a spell that puts him to sleep. For seven hours, nothing can wake him. Not even Dean.
[Words: 3,935; Rating: NC-17]

Title: What's in a Name?
Summary: Five times all they needed was each other's names.
[Words: 1,500; Rating: R]

Title: Growing Pains
Summary: AR after 10x12: Sam kills the witch who put a spell on his brother before they get a chance to restore him to his proper body. Dean is stuck in the body of a 14-year-old, and Sam should really keep his hands to himself.
[Words: 4,885; Rating: NC-17]

Title: And a Hard Place
Summary: As soon as they were inside their room, Dean made a line for the closet and slammed the door, and Sam wasn't even surprised, this has been happening for years. He can't account for the why, but he gets that Dean needs it, so he doesn't say all the things he wants to.
[Words: 3,150; Rating: NC-17]

Title: Dark Paradise
Summary: AU after 3x16: He knew as soon as Dean rose up from the bones what it was he brought to life. And maybe Sam should have been horrified right there and right then, but he was giddy as he watched Dean kill. All he could think was it's really him, he even looks the same.
[Words: 3,552; Rating: NC-17]

Title: When It's Over
Summary: Dean's got no illusions that Sam stayed for him. He knows that as soon as they've sealed Hell's gates Sam is gone. That's the thought that sends him to Sam's bed. He won't have Sam pretty soon, he can't keep Sam, he's gotta take every damn crumb he can get before Sam's gone.
[Words: 3,839; Rating: R]

Title: Erised
Summary: While exploring the Men of Letters' bunker, Sam discovers a mirror that shows him his heart's greatest desire.
[Note: kind of a Harry Potter fusion; Words: 5,701; Rating: NC-17]

Title: Minotaurs Inside a Maze
Summary: Sam goes into Purgatory, determined to bring his brother back no matter what the cost, but Dean isn't the same when Sam finds him, and he doesn't want to be saved.
[Words: 9,763; Rating: R]

Title: Now Sleeps the Swan
Summary: AU: After a long day at work, all Dean wants is a warm shower and his little sister's company. Unfortunately, things don't really go that way. Dean returns to find Sam missing and discovers that she's been kidnapped and cursed to turn into a swan every morning when the sun comes up.
[Note: girl!Sam/Dean; Words: 8,797; Rating: NC-17]

Title: Here's Looking at You
Summary: AU after 5x22: Sam's last request before he jumped into the Pit was for Dean to keep living without him. Dean finds his promise impossible to keep, but just before he can call it quits, he gets a visit from a 16-year-old Sam, who is understandably curious as to what circumstances have led to his brother being alone and as miserable as he clearly is. Together they try to understand why Sam is there and how to send him back to his own time, but they discover a little more than that along that way.
[Words: 8,880; Rating: NC-17]

Title: Here Be Dragons
Summary: Sam cleverly tricks Dean into joining him on a romantic Hawaii getaway. Unfortunately (fortunately?) the kraken hunt he uses to convince Dean to agree to come has some unforeseen side effects. Namely, Sam starts sprouting tentacles.
[Note: Timestamp; Words: 4,657; Rating: NC-17]

Title: Mind's Eye
Summary: Everything is just about as bad as it can possibly get. And then one day, completely out of nowhere, Dean disappears.
[Words: 7,362; Rating: NC-17]

Title: Voice of Rage and Ruin
Summary: Coda to 2x14 – Born Under a Bad Sign: We'll ask him tomorrow, Meg says, like she's promising Sam something he wants. And if he says no, we'll take it anyway.
[Note: Meg!Sam/Dean; Words: 4,522; Rating: NC-17]

Title: Please Leave Your Taste on My Tongue
Summary: Sam has her period, and the only thing that makes her cramps feel better is getting off.
[Note: girl!Sam/Dean; Words: 2,349; Rating: NC-17]

Title: To Be or Knot to Be
Summary: Balthazar curses Dean--three hours to knot with Sam or he dies. Dean is hesitant, Sam isn’t.
[Words: 2,019; Rating: NC-17]

Title: The Man of Law
Summary: Sam is cursed into acting out his most repressed urges. Dean points and laughs and enables, until things get a little too personal.
[Words: 5,101; Rating: PG-13]

Title: The Land Before Time
Summary: This is all Sam’s fault. Sam and his stupid, flailing limbs. All Dean was trying to do was get laid, and now he’s dodging fucking dinosaurs.
[Words: 3,565; Rating: NC-17]

Title: Antioch, Illinois
Summary: Six years ago, Sam and Dean Winchester saved Antioch, Illinois from a Dragon. Hailed as heroes, they become the unofficial mayors of a town that is half Stepford, half a haven for hunters. After a few years in the spotlight, however, Dean just wants some time alone with his brother. They go on a hunt to celebrate his 40th birthday but things don’t really go as planned.
[Words: 8,838; Rating: PG-13]

Title: At the Gate (To the Garden of Eden)
Summary: Dean isn’t gay. Not even a little bit. At least, not until he visits his cousin, Jess, at Stanford and meets her roommate, Sam.
[Note: Unrelated!Boys + Timestamp; Words: 6,640; Rating: R]

Title: Send Out the Morning Birds
Summary: Lisa POV: A week ago, Dean Winchester knocked on her door, broken by something he wouldn’t share with her, and asked to stay. A visit in the night takes him from her just as suddenly. (A sort of coda to 5x22)
[Words: 2,519; Rating: PG-13]

Title: Like Puzzle Pieces From the Clay
Summary: A drunken conversation makes Dean realize that maybe he and Sam really are soul mates, and maybe that’s okay with him.
[Words: 1,648; Rating: PG-13]

Title: The Best Is Yet to Be
Summary: Missing Scene from 05x07 - The Curious Case of Dean Winchester: Sam will always love his brother.
[Words: 1,441; Rating: PG-13]

Title: Making Maps Out of Your Dreams
Summary: Four times Sam read the map wrong, and one he didn't.
[Words: 5,321; Rating: NC-17]

Title: A Sort of Harem
Summary: Sam teaches Dean that libraries can be fun after all.
[Words: 1,866; Rating: NC-17]

Title: Being Sam Winchester
Summary: Not a coda so much as a passive aggressive response to 05x12 - Swap Meat: Sam and Dean switch bodies. Porn happens. Set after 05x19 - Hammer of the Gods.
[Words: 5,310; Rating: NC-17]

Title: All That’s Done’s Forgiven
Summary: Adam POV: The angels told Adam a lot of things about his brothers—he hadn’t thought for a minute this part was true (Slight AU from 5x18 in which they get Adam out before Michael shows up).
[Words: 3,381; Rating: PG-13]

Title: Two White Carnations
Summary: When Sam’s in the first grade, he learns about Mother’s Day. Dean spends the next ten years trying to make him forget.
[Words: 1,921; Rating: PG]

Title: Washed His Hands and Sealed His Fate
Summary: 5x04 Coda: Sam’s POV during the meeting between Lucifer and future!Dean.
[Words: 1,704; Rating: PG-13]

Title: A Bit of a Pickle
Summary: Dean Winchester is trying to woo his brother. Things are not going well.
[Words: 2,239; Rating: PG-13]

Title: And All Was Said
Summary: Dean finally gives in after months of trying to resist Sam, but when Dean goes on a hunt with John and leaves Sam behind, things go terribly wrong.
[Note: Timestamp; Words: 6,706; Rating: NC-17]

Title: Familiar Resolve
Summary: Coda to 5.16: Sam just wants to see his big brother wearing the amulet again.
[Words: 3,386; Rating: NC-17]

Title: Breaking the Girl
Summary: Sam gets turned into a girl and sees it as a chance to finally get what he’s wanted for years.
[Words: 3,773; Rating: R]

Title: Oh, but the Longing is Terrible
Summary: Sam gets hit by a sex pollen that kills you in three days if you haven’t satisfied your deepest desire. Dean will do anything he can to save his brother, including tell him the secret he’s been hiding for years.
[Words: 6,489; Rating: NC-17]

Title: It’s a Sin with a Name
Summary: Sam was twelve the first time he realized he wanted his brother. Dean was done for the night he carried Sam out of that nursery.
[Words: 4,502; Rating: R]

Title: A Good Exit
Summary: Dean kills Lucifer and is nearly killed himself. When Dean’s left physically and emotionally drained, Sam finally gets his chance to save his brother.
[Words: 6,910; Rating: NC-17]

Title: Baby, Come On Home
Summary: Dean visits Sam at Stanford and tries to cope with losing his brother.
[Words: 3,114; Rating: PG-13]

Title: The Trophy Case
Summary: Dean has just been risen from Hell and he misses his scars.
[Words: 3,657; Rating: NC-17]

Title: Help Your Brother’s Boat
Summary: Dean is still hurt, Sam is still guilty, and sex fixes everything.
[Words: 1,544; Rating: NC-17]

Title: Never Again
Summary: They were together one night before Sam left, and that wasn’t something Dean could just get over.
[Words: 3,275; Rating: NC-17]

Title: Well, It’s a Life
Summary: It’s a Terrible Life AU: What if the angels had forced Dean to figure out who he was by himself while he was still Dean Smith? Would he choose to go back to being Dean Winchester? And how would the experience change him?
[Words: 2,996; Rating: PG-13]

Title: Sing, Heavenly Muse
Summary: Sam and Dean are hunting something that’s making artists commit suicide. Can they find out how to stop it before it gets Chuck?
[Words: 2,649; Rating: PG-13]

Title: Can I Keep You?
Summary: Sam makes a stupid mistake and now their ghost-free house has not one, but four ghosts. When they take out the baddies, however, will it be as easy to get rid of the friendly one?
[Words: 5,810; Rating: R]

Title: A Fairy Tale or: A Tale of Two Fairies
Summary: When Sam and Dean agreed to babysit, they had no idea it would be like this.
[Words: 4,166; Rating: PG-13]

Title: In Paradise, All is Forgiven
Summary: The Apocalypse has ended, but Dean is still going on sneaky meetings with Castiel every Sunday. A heart-broken Sam must accept that he may not be first in Dean’s heart when his brother disappears without a word. When he discovers Dean’s real reason for leaving, however, he sets out to give Dean the life they both always wanted.
[Words: 7,470; Rating: PG-13]

Title: Hallelujah
Summary: Dean finds Sam praying.
[Words: 2,087; Rating: NC-17]

Title: A Done Deal
Summary: Dean mourns his brother’s death and decides to make his deal.
[Words: 2,237; Rating: NC-17]



Title: Cradlesong!Verse
Pairing: Sam/Dean/Jess
Summary: AU: After sharing one weekend with Sam and his brother, Jess never expects to see Dean Winchester again. He comes back a year later and reluctantly agrees to take Jess along on a hunt to find their father. Sam and Jess return to Palo Alto to find their home in ruins and have no choice but to join Dean on the road.

Three years later, Jess can’t imagine living any other way. When Dean makes a deal to save Sam, however, her life gets turned upside down yet again. (Parallel of Seasons 3-5 if Jess had survived)

[Rating: NC-17; Words in Verse: 52,065]

Half a World Away
What's to Be, They Say, Will Be
Title: The Crumbling Difference (Between Wrong and Right)
Pairing: Sam/Dean/Castiel
Summary: AU after 5x22: Tired of seeing Dean trying to live without his brother, Castiel decides to do what he can to bring Sam back. Raising Sam creates a bond between the three of them that follows Castiel to Heaven, linking him to Sam and Dean whether he wants to feel them or not. The Winchester brothers decide to settle down and rebuild a haunted house, making sure that Castiel knows he has a home there if he wants it. But while Castiel wants nothing more than to fall again and join them, his duty keeps him in Heaven, fighting a civil war for a place he no longer feels at home in.
[Words: 16,518; Rating: NC-17]

Title: Only a Full House Gonna Make a Home
Pairing: Sam/Dean/Lisa
Summary: Dean shows up on her doorstep one night, looking more dead than alive. It isn’t so out-of-the-ordinary, except that he has a screaming brother in tow. “The wall broke,” Dean explains, as if that makes any sense, and Lisa is starting to forget why she keeps letting him back in.
[Words: 10,124; Rating: R]


Title: It's a Clusterfuck
Pairing: Sam/Dean/Jared/Jensen
Summary: “You’re not my brother,” Dean says, unaware that in another world, at the same moment, his aforementioned brother is sitting up, rubbing a sore back, and saying the same exact thing.

“No,” the man (it must be Jared, Dean thinks) replies. “You’re not my catty co-star, are you?”

Dean shakes his head and reminds himself that even the longest of Winchester days can always somehow get longer.

[Note: Episode 6x15 'verse Jared and Jensen + SEQUEL; Words: 4,088; Rating: NC-17]

Title: Honey, Give Me a Smile
Pairing: Sam/Dean/Jess
Summary: Jess has a few too many shots of tequila during a game of ‘Truth or Dare?’ and accidentally reveals her deepest fantasy: to have a threesome with brothers. Sam decides he can help with that.
[Words: 5,440; Rating: NC-17]

Title: Coupling in the Infinite
Pairing: Sam/Dean/Jess
Summary: Sam and Dean go to Heaven. They’re not the only ones there.
[Words: 6,017; Rating: NC-17]

Title: The Whisper of Temptation
Pairing: Sam/Dean/young!Mary
Summary: Sam feels the itch—humming relentlessly, just under his skin—for a long time before he decides to scratch it.
[Words: 3,698; Rating: NC-17]

Title: Brothers Called Bini
Pairing: Sam/Dean/Winsister!Jess
Summary: AU: When Sam went to Stanford, he left behind a twin sister and an older brother—he’d been sleeping with both. Now, Dean and Jess come back into Sam’s life and Sam sees the effect leaving had on all three of them.
[Note: Timestamp; Words: 6,018; Rating: NC-17]


Title: Premonition
Summary: Sam and Dean hunt the Mothman. The Mothman doesn't hunt them back.
[Words: 7,621; Rating: PG]

Title: Draw Three Figures on Your Heart
Summary: Once upon a time, Sam Winchester was an only child.
[Words: 5,467; Rating: PG-13]

Title: Go On and Eat Stone (the Cold Stone Cake remix)
Summary: Just under four years ago, one of maybe three people in the world Dean thought he could trust broke him worse than any of the monsters he'd expected it from. Three years running, Sam's found a way to make that his fault.
[Note: Remix of roque_clasique's Eat Stone and Go On; Words: 3,028; Rating: PG-13]

Title: Rocks Fall (Everyone Dies)
Summary: Sam and Dean are hunting a mountain troll when a rock fall leaves them not only trapped but separated, too. Oh, and of course Sam had to go and break his leg. Because that's just their luck.
[Note: Timestamp; Words: 3,196; Rating: PG-13]

Title: Sam Winchester the Big Red Dog
Summary: Sam starts getting picked on at school because of how small he is, so Dean finds a spell to make him bigger. Only Dean's not very good at spells, it turns out.
[Words: 3,283; Rating: PG]

Title: Tear Apart (His Fairytale World)
Summary: Attempting to console a terrified Sam, Dean tells him a story. Sam takes it a little too seriously.
[Words: 3,082; Rating: PG]

Title: What Part of Which One of Them
Summary: Dean’s first hunt on his own doesn’t go as planned and Dean is devastated by his failure. For the first time ever, it’s Sam who has to comfort Dean.
[Words: 2,083; Rating: PG-13]

Title: Can’t Have Your Brother and Eat Him, Too
Summary: Sam gets turned into a pie. Dean really, really likes pie.
[Words: 1,707; Rating: PG]

Title: Old Dogs, New Tricks
Summary: Post-Apocalypse. Sam and Dean are reunited with Bela…except now she’s an entirely different kind of problem.
[Words: 1,949; Rating: PG-13]

Title: Baby’s Venom
Summary: Sam and Dean take a job from Bobby to help a mother who says her daughter is not human.
[Words: 5,850; Rating: PG]


Title: To Home Afar
Pairing: Sam/Jess
Summary: Tired of leaving Sam behind on holidays, Jess takes Sam home with her for Memorial Day weekend.
[Words: 7,066; Rating: PG-13]


Title: (Every Heart is a Package) Tangled Up in Knots Someone Else Tied
Pairing: Jess/Lisa
Summary: Heaven, it turns out, is nothing but an eternity of waiting. But at least the company is good.
[Words: 2,663; Rating: PG-13]


Title: ART for Just be Still With Me
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Summary: Sam's been a vampire ever since Dean turned him for company. It's been a decade of insanity—murder, torture, blood, gore, sex and violence. The Winchesters have become feral monsters, almost more ghoul than vampire. Trapped together and broken, Dean ultimately commits an ugly murder that drives Sam away. Hitting rock bottom, Sam decides to seek enlightenment, Dean follows--maybe Sam is what he needs to tame the rabid rats in his brain. They’re helped by someone who offers them a shot at a new way of living--a chance to become Winchesters once again.
[Medium: Digital Art; Rating: PG-13]

Title: ART for Playtime
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Summary: Sequel to Playmate: Sam and Dean Winchester have embraced their dark desires for each other and for killing not just the supernatural. They travel, looking for a new toy for Sam to play with and something for Dean to hunt. They enjoy hearing the screams of those they hunt; Sam loves to see their blood drip from his knife while Dean enjoys the thrill of the hunt.
[Medium: Digital Art; Rating: R]

Title: ART for Under a Spell
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Summary: Sam and Dean are hunting for twenty people who have gone missing in the same area in the last two years; none of them were ever found. No bodies, no clues. The only thing Sam has found is three trees in a perfect triangle with sigils painted on each one. When the Winchesters stumble on the sigils they are sucked into a totally different world.

All of a sudden Dean is Dean Campbell who has lived in Llepsarednu all of his life; (Llepsarednu is an odd town, there are no children, no one gets sick and everything is in its place). Dean is a mechanic with a lovely little cabin in the woods, a dog and an easy – if routine - life. One day he stumbles upon a tall stranger who appears to have no memory and can’t speak. Dean is instantly drawn to him and he takes him in and hides him from the townsfolk who are insanely suspicious of anyone who isn’t from their town.

It is now obvious that both Sam and Dean are under a spell; despite the fact that they appear to be strangers to each other they share a bond and, eventually, they fall for each other and become intimate.

What will happen if and when the brother's regain their memory and can they ever get back to just being 'brothers' again?

[Medium: Digital and Drawn Art; Rating: PG-13]

Title: ART for Rule of Thirds
Pairing: Sam/Dean/Victor Henriksen
Summary: Victor Henriksen survived Lilith's blast at the Monument police station. He returns to the FBI after his hospital stay but can't reconcile his past world view with his knowledge of the supernatural. Enter Sam and Dean Winchester, who invite Victor to join them, starting him not only on a journey of hunting, danger, and life on the road, but one that will lead him to explore who he really is.
[Medium: Digital Art; Rating: PG]

Title: ART for Crawl Space
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Summary: AU (canon divergence). When Sam is sixteen, John discovers that his son might have demon blood in him. While John and Bobby go looking for answers, Dean is instructed to keep Sam locked up in Bobby's panic room. When Sam begins to have strangely realistic dreams about a girl named Lily who seems to be trapped in a dark, cramped space, he knows he has to do whatever he can to help her. Convincing Dean that he's really Sam—and not acting under the influence of the demon blood—will, however, not be easy.
[Medium: Digital Art; Rating: PG]

Title: Sam and Dean Do Rocky Horror
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Summary: Sam and Dean go to see Rocky Horror dressed as Magenta and Riff Raff. Dean is not amused.
[Medium: Drawn Art; Rating: PG-13]
Tags: other media: fanart, supernatural

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